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ABFheaven’s new blogger

My First Nursing: True Life Story by Rob

– Treasure Chest Introduction – When I first saw this post in the forum, I was struck by the beautiful writing and the mature, gentlemanly, almost courtly recounting of this special first-time nursing experience. Rob’s profile surprised me with his age- early 30s. The level of maturity and honor he expresses towards feminine energy is … Continue reading “My First Nursing: True Life Story by Rob”


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Tales of fact & fiction!

Butterflies Danced

– Romance is in the air! –




Jigsaw Puzzle 323

Our resident ABFheaven cake decorator has been busy again – But goodness! she’s made a mess with the icing sugar …care to help clean it up? 😊 (Her profile is here)


Jigsaw Puzzle 322

She tells me she wore this to the office Christmas party …raised more than a few eyebrows, naturally 😊


Squeeze ’em and tease ’em

VIDEO: She’s so deliciously busty and she knows the effect her curves will have on you … such a lovely tease! (Her profile is here)


Jigsaw Puzzle 321

Her eyes are mesmerizing. Her smile is hypnotizing. And if you imagine her nursing you – Well that’d be pure fantasizing… 😊


Jigsaw Puzzle 320

Now don’t be so shy, Simply smile and say “Hi”, You don’t gotta be such a chicken! If her bountiful bust Drives you mad with lust, Gives you dreams full of suckin’ and lickin’



Nursing: Why I love it…
and why I wish I didn’t

By Anonymous

So this is probably going to be pretty long. I’ve been ruminating on this for a long time, and I always find that writing my thoughts helps me to better organize/understand them. If you take the time to read it, I hope it’s not too boring or self-indulgent… 

Read the full article here


UK Television Documentary
About ANR …Soon!

By Michael_Admin

The producers have released the following promo information:

This unprecedented documentary breaks down the taboo surrounding one of the world’s most shocking sexual kinks, adult breastfeeding. With no-holds-barred access, we meet the men and women brave enough to share intimate details about this hidden underground scene. We join the women going to extraordinary lengths to produce milk for their partners, explore what is behind the growing adult appetite for breastmilk, and go behind the scenes of the lucrative lactation porn industry, as we try to find out why you choose to breastfeed your boyfriend.


Read the full article here


ANR Soulmate

A meditation by Fountaindancer

Walking along a garden path, taking in the sights of Oak, Jacaranda, and Weeping Willow trees, a hint of Jasmine and Honeysuckle awakens your senses. You follow the fragrant trail as it becomes stronger. At last, you come upon a secret garden… 

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