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What’s allowed / not allowed
on ABFheaven?

You can send a PM or a friends-request to anyone you like on ABFheaven. But please read their full profile first. They may only want to be contacted by locals, etc. And if they don’t reply then please do NOT continue to message them. That’s considered “pestering” and if they complain to Admin, you could lose your account.

Your profile picture can be anything you like: eg. breast-pics are fine. But no pictures of genitals or anything which can be considered pornographic.

If you send a friends-request to someone then PLEASE always include a message in the box provided – it seems a bit unwelcome & creepy otherwise. It is ALWAYS better to use Private Messages FIRST to get to know someone a little before sending a friends-request.

You can BLOCK anyone, for any reason, or for no reason at all. If you suspect someone has created a second account to try to get around your blocking them, then report it to Admin and it will quickly be dealt with.

Sorry, no selling of any kind is allowed. Please do not put anything on your profile or in a Personal Ad that even hints at any kind of payment being expected. ABFheaven is a place for relationships, not for buying/selling. And guys, that also means NO OFFERING to pay for “services”.

You can, of course, delete your own account at any time. That’s no problem. However, you can NOT then subsequently create a new account. Why not? Because this is often an attempt to get around the BLOCK function. Not allowed.

You can add a maximum of 10 pictures to the Media section on your profile page. Pics of breasts, faces, pics showing ABF/ANR, are all fine. But PLEASE no pics showing genitals or anything which could be considered pornographic. Such images will be removed.



Question: I have just created a brand new account on this site but it won’t let me log in. Why not?
Answer: You probably need to click the “Activation” link sent to your email address. Check your spam folder, it might be there. If you can’t find the Activation email then this usually means your email address was entered incorrectly when you registered. Contact Admin using the link below.

Question: I have forgotten my password & I can’t log in. What should I do?
Answer: Please use the “Lost your password?” link on the login page to reset your password. Or send email here and I will do it for you.

Question: How can I contact the Admin of this site?
Answer: Logged-in users, send me a PM here. Visitors, email me here.

Question: How do I edit my profile?
Answer: Click EDIT MY PROFILE in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen.

Question: How do I change my password or email address?
Answer: Click EDIT MY PROFILE in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen, then SETTINGS.

Question: How do I send a Private Message?
Answer: Click the name or picture of the person, then on their Profile page click PRIVATE MESSAGE.

Question: How do I place a Personal Ad?
Answer: Click PERSONAL ADS in the menu, pick men’s or women’s section then scroll to the bottom where you can post a new ad (It says “Create new topic”) The ad will go live immediately, there is no delay.

Question: How do I check my messages?
Answer: Click MESSAGES in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen, then THREADS.

Question: Can I add more photos to my Profile page?
Answer: Yes, there is a “Media” tab on your profile page, you can upload pics there, they are visible to your FRIENDS ONLY by default, you can change that visibility-setting if you prefer when you upload. Maximum 10 pics please.

Question: I am receiving multiple unwanted PMs or friend requests from a user. What can I do?
Answer: Go to their Profile page and click the BLOCK button. To see a list of members you have blocked, go to your SETTINGS page, where you also have the option to un-block.

Question: Who can see the chatroom window on the front page? The whole world?
Answer: Only logged-in members can see the chatroom. For everyone else, it’s invisible.

Question: Why is my Date of Birth visible on my profile? I don’t want people to see that.
Answer: Your D.O.B is only visible to you on your profile, no one else can see it, neither logged-in users nor visitors.

Question:  How can I see a list of newly registered members?
Answer: QUICK METHOD … On each page there is a list of Recent Site Visitors, click “Newest” above the list and it changes to show the 10 newest registered members.

Question: Can non-members view my profile page?
Answer: No, non-members can NOT view your profile page. And they can NOT use the Search Box to view a list of members. But they CAN view the following: front page, map pages, forum pages, blog pages, help page …. PLEASE NOTE that your picture will be visible to everyone as it passes through the Recent Site Visitors list & Members Updates list on the front page etc.

Question: Can I delete my own account?
Answer: Yes, go to your SETTINGS page, the option is there.

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