Help & FAQs

Question: How can I contact the Admin of this site?
Answer: Logged-in users, send me a PM here. Visitors, email me here.

Question: How do I edit my profile?
Answer: Click EDIT MY PROFILE in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen.

Question: How do I change my password or email address?
Answer: Click EDIT MY PROFILE in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen, then SETTINGS.

Question: How do I send a Private Message?
Answer: Click the name or picture of the person, then on their Profile page click PRIVATE MESSAGE.

Question: How do I place a Personal Ad?
Answer: Click PERSONAL ADS in the menu, pick men’s or women’s section then scroll to the bottom where you can post a new ad (It says “Create new topic”) The ad will go live immediately, there is no delay. A copy of your ad will also feature on the front page “Latest Personal Ads” section, for extra visibilty.

Question: How do I check my messages?
Answer: Click MESSAGES in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen, then THREADS.

Question: I am receiving multiple unwanted PMs or friend requests from a user. What can I do?
Answer: Go to their Profile page and click the BLOCK button. To see a list of members you have blocked, go to your SETTINGS page, where you also have the option to un-block.

Question: When I click the Chatroom link in the top-of-page-menu, I get to the chat-page but nothing happens. Is it working?
Answer: The chat window should open automatically, if nothing happens just refresh the page.

Question: I want to be removed from the UK or USA or Europe Members Map. What do I do?
Answer: Send admin a PM here.

Question: Why is my Date of Birth visible on my profile? I don’t want people to see that.
Answer: Your D.O.B is only visible to you on your profile, no one else can see it, neither logged-in users nor visitors.

Question:  How can I see a list of newly registered members?
Answer: QUICK METHOD … On each page there is a list of Recent Visitors, click “Newest” above the list and it changes to show the 10 newest registered members.

Question:  I have forgotten my password, what can I do?
Answer: Send email here and I will help.

Question:  I can’t read the map numbers, what do I do?
Answer: The map numbers are only readable at maximum zoom, so keep zooming in until they are clear. ON MOBILE … double-tap the map to zoom in, the on-map controls (plus, minus, X) let you zoom in, zoom out, make full screen. ON COMPUTER … mousewheel or click map to zoom in or zoom out etc.

Question: Can non-members view my profile page?
Answer: No, non-members can NOT view your profile page. And they can NOT use the Search Box to view a list of members. But they CAN view the following: front page, map pages, forum pages, help page …. PLEASE NOTE that your picture will be visible to everyone as it passes through the Recent Visitors list & Members Updates list on the front page etc.

Question: Can I delete my own account?
Answer: Yes, go to your SETTINGS page, the option is there.