Help & FAQs

Question: How can I contact the Admin of this site?
Answer: Logged-in users, send me a PM here. Visitors, email me here.

Question: How do I edit my profile?
Answer: Click EDIT MY PROFILE in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen.

Question: How do I change my password or email address?
Answer: Click EDIT MY PROFILE in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen, then SETTINGS.

Question: How do I send a Private Message?
Answer: Click the name or picture of the person, then on their Profile page click PRIVATE MESSAGE.

Question: How do I check my messages?
Answer: Click MESSAGES in the black-bar-menu at the top of the screen, then THREADS.

Question: I am receiving multiple unwanted PMs or friend requests from a user. What can I do?
Answer: Go to their Profile page and click the BLOCK button. To see a list of members you have blocked, go to your SETTINGS page, where you also have the option to un-block.

Question: When I click the Chatroom link in the top-of-page-menu, I get to the chat-page but nothing happens. Is it working?
Answer: The chat window should open automatically, if nothing happens just refresh the page.

Question: I want to be removed from the UK or USA or Europe Members Map. What do I do?
Answer: Send admin a PM here.

Question: Why is my Date of Birth visible on my profile? I don’t want people to see that.
Answer: Your D.O.B is only visible to you on your profile, no one else can see it, neither logged-in users nor visitors.

Question:  How can I see a list of newly registered members?
Answer: QUICK METHOD … On each page there is a list of Recent Visitors, click “Newest” above the list and it changes to show the 10 newest registered members.

Question:  I have forgotten my password, what can I do?
Answer: Send email here and I will help.

Question:  I can’t read the map numbers, what do I do?
Answer: The map numbers are only readable at maximum zoom, so keep zooming in until they are clear. ON MOBILE … double-tap the map to zoom in, the on-map controls (plus, minus, X) let you zoom in, zoom out, make full screen. ON COMPUTER … mousewheel or click map to zoom in or zoom out etc.

Question: Can non-members view my profile page?
Answer: No, non-members can NOT view your profile page. And they can NOT use the Search Box to view a list of members. But they CAN view the following: front page, map pages, forum pages, help page …. PLEASE NOTE that your picture will be visible to everyone as it passes through the Recent Visitors list, on the front page etc.

Question: Can I delete my own account?
Answer: Yes, go to your SETTINGS page, the option is there.