Jigsaw Puzzle 860

🎶 Six o’clock already,
I was just in the middle of a dream,
I had met a gorgeous lady
With big boobs and skin like peaches & cream.

Well I tried to suck each titty,
But my lips got numb and my jaw sore,
Then I must have fallen out of bed
And woke up when my head hit the floor…

It’s just another Titty Tuesday!
Oh oh ohhh… 🎶

(- The Bangles) 😊

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Jigsaw Puzzle Quiz Challenge 2

Here’s a little jigsaw-puzzle-quiz to keep you busy! Use the clues below to find jigsaw puzzle numbers. After solving each of those puzzles you’ll be shown a letter of the alphabet. Collect all seven letters & mix ’em up to discover the secret solution word. Submit the right answer below & you’ll appear in the Solvers List.

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