ANR Soulmate


– A beautiful meditation –

ANR Soulmate

A meditation by Fountaindancer

Walking along a garden path, taking in the sights of Oak, Jacaranda, and Weeping Willow trees, a hint of Jasmine and Honeysuckle awakens your senses. You follow the fragrant trail as it becomes stronger. At last, you come upon a secret garden.

There is an enchanting woman sitting in a porch swing supported by sturdy branches from above. She is wearing a pink, full-length silk robe that sways with the gentle breeze. She spots you glancing at her. You smile at her and she smiles back. She has been expecting you. As you walk closer, she pats the available space on the swing to her right and motions for you to join her. You sit down and your eyes meet her tranquil, hypnotic gaze. Words are not spoken but a language of mutual attraction and pure love is immediately felt along with a most familiar closeness. She is your ANR Soulmate.

As you gently glide back and forth, your body starts to feel drawn to her. She opens her arms and beckons you to lie down on the plush cushion that is in her lap. As your head makes contact with her lap, you notice a soft, white light emanating from her heart. As she draws her robe open, the light brightens yet remains soft. You latch onto her left breast, her life-giving nectar comes in and it is both sweet and comforting. As you suckle from her, your eyes remain locked together while she hums a familiar song and gently caresses your face. The more you drink from her loving bosom, the more you are drawn to her heart and that soft white light grows in size until it completely envelopes you both in a cocoon, impenetrable to time and the outside world. All of your stress completely evaporates from your mind to further relax your body.

As you listen to her heartbeat, your eyelids become too heavy to stay open. You feel safe and secure to close them knowing that she is still with you melding as one. As you drift off into a deep sleep you feel her lips gently kiss your forehead and you heave a sigh of contentment knowing that you have reached the sacredness of a mind/body/spirit connection with your ANR Soulmate…

27 thoughts on “ANR Soulmate”

    1. Coming from someone as accomplished as you, Lady Oceana, I consider that an honor to receive your compliment. ANR really is spiritual and on a higher level than sex. It’s primal, celestial and a direct connection to the heart chakra. 💜

  1. Sigh … I was there as I read this … so incredibly alluring, its what my heart and person desire … thanks so much for putting this into words to share. It truly expresses the intimacy that can be ….

  2. Amazing how ones thoughts, wishes and desires can be worded so beautifully. Almost as if you have psychic abilities, reading some of our minds. Definitely an incredible read. Thank you.

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