Rose’s Lactation Blog #1


– Update: Introduction –

This is a story of a pump and a dream. Rose shares how her journey started.

A Milkmaid’s Tale

– A Pump and a Dream –
by Rose

Hello everyone,

By way of introduction, I’m Rose and Michael approached me in regards to sharing my journey with you all via periodic post updates. My goal is to make this more of a living blog with a vibrant conversation. Let’s co-create content by you asking questions as well as leaving comments.

Of course, a journey needs a starting point. Mine started in 2019 and I have loads of catching up to do to bring you to my current timeline. So without further ado, I begin.

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35 thoughts on “Rose’s Lactation Blog #1”

  1. Hey Guys!!! This is Cilla here!!! Rose is from Oregon!!! Yes Oregon!!! Rose needs assistance with lactating…. If you or anyone you know are close by and would like to chat with Rose to see if you’re suited…. Please contact Rose ASAP!!!! She is a smart, beautiful and funny lady who deserves a special someone to share this journey with xxx

    1. I know you mean well Suzie and just trying to help your friend, but really? I am sure she does not need help from anyone to find a partner. It is an unintended insult actually.

      1. I honestly didn’t mean it to be insulting in any way, shape or form….. I’m honestly extremely gutted if that’s how my comment has been interpreted 😞 if Rose wants the comment deleted then I totally understand. I 100% wouldn’t wish Rose any upset in the slightest.

  2. Thank you so much, Really enjoyed reading about your journey so far and really excited to read more regularly and hoping you find a beautiful ANR soon

  3. Lovely to be able to see into your journey with ANR Rose! I look forward to watching on as your milk flows and you find that special someone to share it with!! Good luck beautiful 🥰🥰😘😘

    As the gorgeous Suzie said! Get to know Rose and see if your compatible, she is a very intelligent, witty and charming lady, who’s beauty I’m sure matches her personality. You’d be lucky to be in her presence 🥰 don’t forget to be respectful in your communication though as we don’t want her scared off by creepers! 😂

  4. Thanks for sharing, and all the hard work you put in so far.
    Good luck finding a right partner. You have come so far in this journey alone. It is not finding a just suckler, but a partner who can support and be there with you on every steps of this journey. That person will be lucky to have you as partner.

  5. Thank you all for the support. It takes a village to pull through to the other side.

    Special shout out to Suzie and Kazzie! Thank you for your tremendous support! Always adding fun and making the chats lively.

    Group hug!

  6. Thank you for sharing Rose! I have read many blogs like this and it is always as beautiful and amazing as the first.

    Again, thank you for letting us join you along your journey!

    I am sorry for your loss of Wilson. I’m sure he was a good pump.

  7. It gives me inspiration cause I am armed with a pump and 2 weeks in and having some drops myself I love the feeling of milk making and pumping don’t bother me just wish my husband was more in to it.

  8. Thanks for sharing your lactation journey. I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing from this site and I cant wait to glean more further into your journey.
    This information is great for everyone to have an understanding of induction is a full time job that requires commitment and perseverance. Those who are inducing stay the course and partners be supportive.

    Again thanks for sharing, I love hearing others stories.

  9. Really nice post, Must and very useful for every beginner like me. Feelings cutely blended in the words, Thanks for sharing.

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