Rose’s Lactation Blog #11


– Update: Rose shares her ANR experience in Seattle in a video post.

A Milkmaid’s Tale

– The Emerald City: Oh, What a Night! –
by Rose

Welcome back, everyone. When it rains, it pours. I sure hope that was the literal case here to help put out all those forest fires. In my case, it is figurative. Work has been overwhelming these past few days as well as trying to sneak in as many pumping sessions when I can. Yes, loads of red spots in my tracker. C’est la vie as they say and I just have to roll with it.

Today, I decided I would share my experience up in Seattle while breast massaging and hand expressing.

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24 thoughts on “Rose’s Lactation Blog #11”

  1. Great story sounds like you had an amazing experience. I could watch you massage all day quite mesmerizing. The furthest I have traveled was just under 2 hours to nurse from a very nice women. I did not work out in the long term but we had a nice time. And she helped me a lot.

  2. Hello, what a joy to watch you and listen to you @roseknows

    I used to know someone who lives about an hour from me, we used to meet half way in a hotel (due to our personal situation). She would check in the hotel at night and she would leave the key for me at the front desk to join her later. I would join her in the early morning hours, I would get in the room without making any noise and slip under the sheets with her. She would be naked and I will suckle her awake 🙂 some time we go back to sleep while I suckle her and others we would stay up while she hold me laying side to side and I will be suckling deeply on her. We would do this for hours sometimes for 10 hours. then we would take a shower and say good byes.

    As for your question about being safe, we met before we started this relationship for coffee, we clicked, we felt safe. Also, we talked on text and calls for hours, we were very honest and clear with each other on what we wanted and what was our limits.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I can imagine being the lady who wakes up to suckles. That seems so amazing!

      Glad you found a way to make it work for both of you.

  3. Thank you Rose and the previous commentators for sharing your experience. I don’t have anything significant to share. Rose, it took me awhile to make sense of your statement about “red spots in your tracker.” I think it refers to your pumping schedule.

  4. Hi Rose, So lovely to hear your voice whilst you were hand expressing. Very relaxing!
    Great to hear of your experiences too. It really shows the importance of suckling too, if possible for increased supply.
    Thank you really lovely blog post as always

  5. Loved your story and the medium you used! Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of meeting anyone. And I also completely understand the apprehension that a woman would have for the 1st meet with a stranger. I guess there should be lots of chats and phone messages prior and a public meet for coffee, etc. prior.

    Absolutely love your post!

  6. Fab as always Rose!! ❤️

    I agree with the above comments regarding meets…….chat, speak on the phone, FaceTime, meet in a public location first and before meeting discuss what’s going to take place… what you both feel comfortable with and if you know what you like …then try to explain that to your partner to ensure the meet is successful!

    Never got a speeding tkt …. Got a parking tkt though!! 😂😂😂

    1. Thank you, Suzie.

      Setting expectations is key as well as feeling comfortable duscussing change them during the meet. Maybe you had agreed to something earlier and now you want to say no.

  7. I love these posts! I hope you keep it up, and this story completely reminds me of some of my ANR/ABF experiences!

    Plus, I could watch you milk yourself all day tbh. It’s so mesmerizing and arousing all at once!

  8. Getting to know someone before hand is key. On my recent vacation I met with a wonderful lady(from ABFheaven) that I had been messaging back and forth for months. Verbal calls, trading pics etc…
    It was an anxious moment when we met. After that moment had passed it was like seeing a long lost friend. We enjoyed our evening together with myself continuing on my trip the next day.
    We contacted each other during the trip and agreed to meet upon my return travels.
    This was a much calmer evening. We were completely relaxed with each other. The desire to readily join in a suckling embrace wasn’t hampered in the least by any first meeting anxiety. It was very nice.
    Distance and schedules may prevent us from being together in the future. We were able to share ABF with the other, of which I’m thankful to her.
    Rose, your story and mine remind me of a song. I’m old so you might have to look it up.😜
    “Que sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future’s not ours to see
    Que sera, sera
    What will be, will be”
    I think sung by Doris Day.

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Keep it up.

  9. Hi Rose,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog sharing your journey, very informative and it really shows your level of commitment and I love how you keep your mental game in check as we both know how important that is with any endeavor but it is essential when inducing especially without a partner. Bravo on your success, you are really putting in the effort and you have the really done amazingly well in a relatively short time.

    The longest distance I have traveled to meet a potential partner was to Florida for a week from California. We talked and exchanged pictures for months getting to know each other before meeting which helped in easing both our minds so we had a great base of interest between us which I think is key before meeting someone but it was still very nerve racking pulling the trigger to buy a plane flight but in the end I finally said to myself ‘what the Hell, take a chance and go, worse case is we don’t hit it off and I have a nice vacation still to a place I want to visit anyways’ We met and did hit it off luckily and had a wonderful week together getting to know each other, hitting the beach, exploring and of course both enjoying the nursing lifestyle together we both crave. Like you I wish it had led to a permanent relationship but sadly it did not but we can say we gave it a shot with the right intentions at least.

  10. Lovely story, you described exactly the anticipation, thrill and trepidation of a first meeting between “strangers” who, will hopefully, get to know each other better..!

    My furthest distance traveled to nurse was from Maryland US to Winchester, UK. (south of London by about an hour). I had to travel there for a very long (6 weeks) business trip. So prior to leaving the US, I made some enquires on a site as to an ANR/suckling partner. I luckily found a woman, close to where I was staying, who was interested in the same encounter.

    A few days after I arrived in Winchester, she & I arranged to meet at my hotel on a sunday afternoon. We met each other for the first time in the hotel bar/restaurant area – nice thing about the English hotels is that most have a bar area incorporated into them which makes things all sorts of easier! It was with great anticipation that I waited for her to walk into the lobby and bar area. We had seen each other a bit on the site/kik and despite not really knowing what the other looked like, we met, greeted each other and went into the bar area. So we sat at a low table in lounge chairs, I had a coffee and she some tea. We chatted to get to know each other a bit more and then went upstairs to my room. I still remember the thrill and anticipation of walking up the stairs and thru the hallways to my room with her.

    We entered the room and she sat down on the bed, and I in a chair infront of her. She proceeded to remove her shirt and her full breasts we nicely held in a pretty bra. I massaged and caressed them thru the bra for some time as I love the feel of a breast in a bra (not a thick padded one.!).

    I sensed she would like to be free of the bra and so I gently released each breast from the bra cup and began suckling a nipple. She enjoyed it tremendously. She suggested I nurse from her on the bed, with which I agreed and we lay down on the bed with me nursing in her lap. It was wonderful. We spent a wonderful hour or so in this position with me alternating between her two lovely full breasts. She was not lactating, but it didnt bother either of us.

    Finally she needed to attend to other things that day and we began wrapping things up and placing her breasts back into her bra – I always want the encounter to continue on & on – but know it must end; but not without a bit more caressing and suckling thru her bra.

    I walked her down and out into the hotel parking lot to her car, said goodbye and we both hoped to repeat the encounter at a later date during my stay. Unfortunately due to my work commitments and her work and family commitments we couldnt coordinate schedules again. We did communicate via kik for some time after my return to the states which was nice. Ive not heard from her for a while, but thinking about that afternoon always brightens my day and I hope it does hers! H.

  11. Thank you for sharing, Lee. Sorry about the speeding ticket. Also great job making sure she was feeling comfortable by letting her choose the venue.

    It is awesome that you came with experience. This reminds me though… there may be times when both the suckler and the suckled are new. Loves, approach things with patience. Sort of like sorting out how to go about your first kiss: where do the hands go, are you gonna close your eyes, will you kiss back, for how long, etc…

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