NB’s Frilly has Arrived!

The Doorway to a Woman’s Heart


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For those who have followed my journey there is no need to explain the emotional rollercoaster of the last few weeks. If you do not know what my frilly is then then go read “What’s a Girl Going to do?” in my prior blog posts. No time to explain.

The research had been completed and collaborated, I trusted the science which was replicateable and I moved into acceptance of my bra cup size being M. So onto the next challenge, could I find a bra with at least a bit of lace, enough to make a nun blush and make the girls proud?

The memories of Admin Michael’s wordsmithian prowess in his artistic heartfelt bosom admiring wisdom responded to Ethereal Skies descriptive M word challenge in chat …”Maniacally manipulating Miss Mammaries mesmerizing M-Cup magnificence,” made me giggle and I felt my breast loving communities support. I knew it was time to rally the troops so off we were on a mountainous, monumental, magnificent ABF Heaven adventure.

Calls and text messages were being exchanged as screen shots and links were received. I could not settle on just any bra, finding a 40 M in itself was a challenge; but this one had to be special. You know what I mean, prince charming special, horse drawn carriage special, Cinderella going to the ball special, if only I had some mice that knew how to sew. After all a frilly had been at the core of many daydreams of desire for me and they are spendy! Tube tops come in packages of four and can be found around most corners. I had now entered a new realm and would settle for nothing less than spectacular, or at least a bit of lace and a bow.

Hours turned into days as the search continued. I woke up in the night and started searching through pics on my phone of beautifully endowed women wearing therapeutic undergarments with an occasional afterthought piece of lace added. This would not do for me or the ladies. As I trekked through the outskirts of the internet I came across a contender. Could it be, had I found an elusive M cup frilly? My heart skipped a beat as I clicked on the Buy Me Now button for more information. Unfortunately some bras were misrepresented and only pretended to be sized to meet my requirements. I held my breath as the page loaded, I slowly scrolled down to available sizes, I blinked twice and reached for my glasses. At last I had cornered a true winner, a bra that closely met my desires. In an act of spontaneous middle of the night rash purchases I clicked and filled out the multitude of information needed to complete the purchase. Shipment expected in 5 days. I placed my phone back on my night stand and snuggled back into my bed. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like to be displaying a bit of lace accentuating my bosom as I drifted off to sleep.

The wait had begun for the mail order desire of my heart, and even though I had circled the date on the calendar I could not help myself from tracking my shipment multiple times a day. As the date drew nearer I began to have some lactation issues, the ladies were grumpy and frequently complained. Temperatures outside were flirting with 100 degrees as I tried using my heating pad and ice packs to settle things down. Oh the challenges I encounter on this path I walk being entrusted with the care and guardianship of my blessed endowment.

Only two days remained until my frilly was scheduled to make its appearance into my life. I felt strange similarities to a blind date. What was it really going to look like, would it be a comfortable fit, would we enjoy hours spent together or look forward to the parting of ways? Only time would tell and the end of the countdown was approaching quicker than I knew. While in my office working I heard the familiar chime on my phone alerting me someone was at my door. Sidney, my faithful companion jumped up dutifully and ran to her guard post. I only had one delivery on its way and the possibility of an early arrival was exhilarating. I hurried to the door and was overwhelmed to see a package waiting patiently for my discovery.

This barefoot pea picking girls bra had arrived!

I guardedly held back my excitement as I opened the package, waiting until I could see and feel the dreamt of adornment for my bountiful bosom. I was happily impressed with the amount of lace and bows found not only in the middle but a bow on each strap. I began to wonder if this is what nirvana feels like. I wanted to immediately strip off what I was currently wearing and allow my breasts to become embraced by my new attire, plus I was dying to know if an M cup was truly my size. However this was not the right time. I needed to wait until the girls settled down and were ready for the experience. I set the bra on my desk and lovingly looked at it all day. I even hung it over my laptop screen just to see the look of the lace with the light coming through. I knew it would be worth the wait for the right moment to experience the next step. This moment is special; a woman’s relationship with her bra is not just about a comfy fit and support. A bra is a picture frame lovingly holding and nurturing the entrance to her heart. If it is a perfect fit then it is an accentuation of a woman’s expression. It is a friend and protector. The emotions welled up inside of me as I remembered my most intimate experience of trust as a woman has been to allow a man to unhook my bra.

Today was the day. The girls were feeling much better and I awoke with anticipation of a wonderful day. I knew I would be finishing my blog post and my story would not be complete until the adorning of the bra! I had completed my morning swim and arrived home invigorated and filled with excitement. I showered quickly and felt ready to move forward with my planned activity.

I picked up my new frilly and paused realizing it had been almost three years since I had been able to wear a proper bra. The relationship had been missing in my life and I had longed for its return. I knew having a bra in my life again was a sign; I was ready to move forward on my journey for my long term relationship. I held my breath as I hooked the band and turned the cups to the front. Now was the moment of truth. I gently allowed my breasts to be surrounded by the soft silky cups and adorned by the frilly lace. The bows made me smile. The moment was one of comfort and support, the nervousness was gone and I looked in the mirror and was pleased with my image. My heart was happy and ready for a night out.
In true ABF Heaven fashion, pics were taken and shared amongst friends.

“So, what do you think?”
Replies were positive and filled with heart felt excitement from those who shared in the latest challenge.

Of course ES expounded his observations and heart felt concerns in the following text:
“I’m sure it’ll be fine when taking a child to school or visiting the nunnery. But the ladies need room to BREATHE! To knock things off local supermarket shelves via natures best oscillation! Not to mention outside-careening into an occasional pedestrian, causing the blind to see, or motorists impacting nearby obstructions and higher insurance brackets!!!” But he still rated it an 8 out of 10.

Another dear friend advised me it was “kryptonite.”

I am truly blessed to have ABF Heaven in my life. Those who truly care and are present and accounted for to help a woman on her journey.
Although I love my new bra and look forward to many shared outings I am still searching for my perfect fit. I miss the cleavage and look forward to a bra that allows the ladies to talk to each other. I am happy and filled with anticipation to find the man I will allow to unhook my bra.

As a special treat for my ABF community and puzzle lovers, and now is the time for the reveal, my new frilly, have fun!

Love you all and I look forward to the next ABF Heaven challenge. Game on!

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39 thoughts on “NB’s Frilly has Arrived!”

        1. Aerial so happy you have stuffed animals to cuddle. I am sure they can be quite comforting. While nursing is an experience we both enjoy and look forward to sharing with someone I have to say I am sorry I am would not be available for a snuggle and suckle. I am seeking a special someone who is more my age. Best of luck on your journey.

  1. The trials and tribulations you’ve had to go through to find your frilly certainly looks worth it.
    It looks fabulous, no doubt because of the woman wearing said frilly.😉
    The floral design makes me weak in the knees, like kryptonite to Superman.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful saga. 🤗😘

          1. Sadly, nothing beyond a partial lace cup… I have a large band size, too… At my size, support is the focus of designers and vendors… Still grateful to have found my size and a bra that is comfortable while supporting the girls… Pain in shoulders and back has been greatly reduced…. Woohoo!!

      1. You mentioned in a couple of your blogs that you enjoy swimming. According to urban legend a woman’s boobs become buoyant in water. So, with your magnificent mammaries are the gurls considered a flotation device? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!

  2. Congrats NB! Your new frilly is lovely 🥰 I too buy Elomi from Bare Necessities, being a 42L. I’ve gotten some really cute things from them. I wear the Goddess brand available through them too.

  3. Is a frilly for looking or playing? I like to touch pretty bras, all the more beautiful to adore! But maybe that is not comfortable or maybe it would mess it up? Like some ladies don’t want you to touch their hair. What are your thoughts?

    1. Thank you for your question Tony. A girls relationship with her bra can be special and vary from bra to bra. Everyday bra’s endure the battlefield with a woman from daily activities such as going to work, shopping, gardening, giving the dog a bath and all other challenges faced in day to day life.
      Frilly on the other hand is quite special.
      Every woman needs a frilly in her life and all bra’s deserve a degree of respect for the job they do. My frilly reminds me to take a moment, reflect and remember my inner beauty being expressed in an outwardly way. She is embracing my bosom, the entrance to my heart and an expression of the whole woman. She deserves admiration, respect and permission from the lovely woman wearing her before being touched.

    1. William Henry, what a pleasure to read your comment. A man’s respect and appreciation is a silent language that is heard louder than words and should be returned to him in warm and caring ways. Simple acts of opening a door or pulling out her chair instantly let a woman know she is in the presence of a gentleman and are always uplifting. Chivalry is not dead and treating a woman with respect never goes out of style.

  4. I was so moved by your stories….I read all of them from end to end…the man in your life must be very lucky indeed…to experience someone who is so in touch with the breadth and depth of ANR…from the closeness to the eroticism and ecstacy…it’s a pleasure to know there are women like you in the world …

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