LactationStation Podcast – Things to Remember

– Mikalah discusses various aspects of inducing & lactation –

The Podcast!

The lovely Mikalah over at has kindly allowed us to feature her wonderful podcasts here on ABFheaven. This week she addresses various aspects of inducing & lactation. Feel free to ask any questions down in the comments section, she’ll be very happy to answer personally.

Mikalah is a fully qualified, experienced lactation consultant. Please visit her site for a fab range of products & advice.

8 thoughts on “LactationStation Podcast – Things to Remember”

  1. Hi Mikalah.
    Great to have your podcasts experience and advice here. We’re being spoilt with Roses and Kazzies blogs and now yourself 🥰.
    I totally relate to the wanting a connection and closeness in a nursing relationship. It is what I am finding the most difficult… for me it has to be about the relationship first… There is then hope that an ANR will be longterm and as you’ve described. I want that intimacy not just when nursing 🙂

    1. It is a great feeling to have that connection! Don’t lose hope, I talk to so many people looking for the same thing. It’s out there. It seems that a lot of people are afraid to talk about it for fear of judgement. I working really hard to get rid of that!

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