F4M-DFW looking for a man willing to dedicate to a marathon suckling session.

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    I hope you are doing good with all this nothingness to do lol That is why I decided now would be the best time to focus on re-inducing lactation because all I have is time right now with this going on. I am seeking a man in the DFW Area willing to hangout for a couple of days and dedicate to suckling every few hours around the clock. I have started back on Domperidone and pumping but really need a suckling partner willing to dedicated at least 2 or so days to hanging out and suckling cosistently every so many hours and then I will get my milk to come in much faster. If you are interested let me know. Any way thanks for the message and hope you stay safe and healthy.

    Mad Thirsty

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I wish I was in DFW to marathon worship and suck your breasts. I am in Wisconsin, but very intrigued by your story. Are you looing to produce milk (yummmm) for a certain reason or only for pleasure… And is it possible for any lady to produce milk after takign Domperidone? Or does it require a prior pregnancy? Maybe one day I will meet you. Thank you for any information you share. Feel free to direct message me as well.


    Kik me at jcb226


    Wish I’d that person and Be your Slave alll day and days long until this crisis is over lol

    Hope you find and wish you the best

    Matt and Christina

    Hello there, I live by Texas Motor Speedway and am available. I am 32, have experience in anr and enjoy it a lot. Here is my email if you are interested. mattemail1987 at gmail



    Hi I am near the parkland hospital area. Iā€™m available and let me know. jackylobber@gmail.com Is my email, feel free to drop a hi šŸ™‚


    I do not do kik or any platforms like it. I do apologize but I feel those platforms leave too much room for people to be fake, hide or lie about things. You are welcome to private message me.


    Very interested but on the road all the time


    Omg. I would be in heaven. I wish we lived closer I wished you lived in Columbus Ohio. Where are the Ohio women with this attitude???? Good luck sweetie. Hugs

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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