Rose’s Lactation Blog #5


– Update: Rose talks about the two lactation hormones and discusses galactagogues.

A Milkmaid’s Tale

– Wish I May Wish I Might, Make Me Milky Tonight –
by Rose

Here we are again ready for the next installment in this blog. Today, I will be talking about the two lactation hormones and then I will dive into the topic of galactagogues as well as foods to be wary off while inducing.

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12 thoughts on “Rose’s Lactation Blog #5”

  1. Thank you Rose, it always brings much joy logging on to find you’ve added to your blog/journey…
    would love cookie recipeS 😀
    If I don’t have time I put my oats in a smoothie, with protein powder, ginger, turmeric, banana, chia and linseed and any powders ( Moringa, shatavari) and oat milk. It’s a great way to add foods altogether, tastes really good and would take away that oat texture for you 🙂

    1. Thank you, Pearl. Sounds like a powerful lactation smoothie!

      I made a wild mushroom rolled oat “risotto” that turned out to be delightful. I might be incorporating more of it in the future.

      1. Your welcome, It makes it very easy to consume much together! I Soak the oats and seeds before if poss for better absorption, less irritation etc..

        Wow I’d have never put that together. Like with your idea of cookie recipes, maybe recipes overall that yourself and others use and noted help with personal inducing/milk supply 🙂

  2. Thank you for the information Rose!

    To back up Pearl’s point, we use oatmilk in our smoothies as well. You don’t get the sliminess and it does carry flavors well!

  3. thank you Rose. I’m finding this blog to be helpful in figuring out what information I need to look in to. I’m very new to this and would one day like to lactate. So I’m finding all of this very informative.

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