Rose’s Lactation Blog #4


– Update: Rose talks about breast changes and finding a bra that actually fits –

A Milkmaid’s Tale

– Cup? What cup? –
by Rose

Hi everyone,

I am back again for another installment. Thank you for your questions and comments on my prior posts. Let’s hope this one is just as informative. Today, I will be talking about breast changes as a result of inducing lactation and proper bra sizing.

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19 thoughts on “Rose’s Lactation Blog #4”

  1. Very interesting and informative. Thank you Rose. I like the look of your nipple after using the 21mm Willow. A longer thinner nipple looks sexier and more appealing than a shorter wider nipple, in my opinion.
    Can you have any control over the size of your areola depending on the diameter of the flange you use?

  2. Hi Rose,

    I feel your pain on quad boobs – they’re never a good look!

    There’s also an alternative calculator for UK sizing called Boob or Bust, they have infographics on the site about how the cup size and band size relate to each other.
    They show the leaning nipple test, that can give you an indication of the best style of bra for your breast shape and include instructions of how to do a band test to ensure that a bra doesn’t feel tight because the cups are too small, so women don’t go up a band size incorrectly and lose support.

    They even have a closed Facebook group where you can have a virtual fit check once you’ve bought a bra in the size they suggest.

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