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    James Donald

    Now I’m not going to write some kind of male fantasy but just the experience of the birth of my first ANR.

    We had been together a shade over 5 weeks, and we both had a pretty high sex drive. There was a lot of desire between us. I have a playful nature and tend to lead so we had strayed from the vanilla into a little exploration and discovery.

    She was curvy with beautiful full breasts, and an inquisitive and slightly submissive nature. We would lie together and talk, and talk, and talk and day dream. We liked to wrap ourselves up in each other and just share and play with our arms, finger climbing and silly caresses. We just loved to caress and lightly scratch and massage (there’s something sooo nice when you’re receiving a gentle scratch of your back and bum).

    I’d say we were intimate and enjoying our sensuality and making each other happy.

    Well whenever we were passionate she always moved me to her nipples, and I just loved to arouse them. To be honest I didn’t notice that they were always coming to me. I love nipple play anyway and licking the underside of a full breast, I love to feel their weight, it just turns me on. There is something of beauty in their weight, it’s hard to put into words.

    We tried the usual nipple pleasures – a little wax, the ice cubes, pouring cold cream over them to make her gasp, sucking and a little squeezing. All was lovely.

    Until we were having a lazy Thursday morning. We had enjoyed each other in the night and both of us were a little tired and were drifting towards lunchtime.
    We were wrapped up in each other and just talking when she started to kiss me. I lifted her breast to lick it and she looked at me and asked if I’d suckle her.

    Now I had thought about it but not really had the courage to say it out loud. It’s a huge desire of mine. I was a bit embarrassed to say I wanted to suck her until she fed me her milk. Strangely it felt a lot easier to say I want you on all fours to spank you, I want to restrain you and tease every part of your body, or I want to watch you pleasure yourself for me – those kind of areas are in the normal range for new lovers.

    Anyway, I think I just stared back a bit (probably with a big smile on) and then she put herself against my lips.

    As I started to lightly suck she told me quietly that this is something she wanted to share early on but was worried I’d freak out about it. Then she told me to be firmer and to try and suck in a longer, slower, way.

    I started to suckle and began to feel a new level of freedom between us.

    I wasn’t licking or sucking and pulling her nipple between my lips, I was sucking in a different way. I was seeking her milk.

    Nothing happened, except my manhood almost took her eye out. The arousal was the new level of intimacy, the freedom to share our deep secrets and the potential to taste her.

    It was a dry suckle, she wasn’t lactating but just wanted to feel me sucking her deeply. She told me it aroused her but also comforted her, made her feel a strange nurturing. Truthfully I sort of understood but she couldn’t really express her feelings and after a few minutes we made love.

    That was the first time and things quickly moved on from that moment. We felt closer and when we came to bed we would always kiss and caress and then suckle. We talked about trying to make her lactate, and both agreed it would be utterly wonderful.

    Over the next two months or so, we started suckling while watching tv, when we sat down for dinner, in the bath and even when we were on the loo.

    We bought pumps, searched online, and we started to move slowly towards wet suckling.

    It was such a wonderful intimacy to share, it meant so much to us both. It was at the same time intimate and sexual. It was the freeing and fulfilling of our shared fantasy but that soon gave way to the development of a very private and loving act. Yes sex is a private and loving act too but sometimes sex can be just shared need. This was always about giving, never taking. That’s a part of its intimacy.

    She was always aroused when I was suckling her and over time I took the lead more and more and her submissive side grew. She began to produce milk and nipple play became breast play and our suckling became linked to her gentle submission. Her taste was addictive and knowing she could feed me became important to us both. It wasn’t always easy and we went through periods of dry suckling but although we both wanted to share her milk if we could, it was the intimacy that was most important. That feeling of really honest connection.

    She became my milk baby, probably a cliche but it worked for us, suckling was a reward in games we played, it was a reward for good behaviour, but it was also our everyday.

    We had four very happy years together and that precious relationship changed my view of my needs, and my approach to sharing myself with someone completely.

    So there you have it, my first ANR.


    What a wonderful experience! Beautifully written. I think you will be very popular with the ladies on here. Let me know if that easy prediction comes true.

    James Donald

    Thank you for the compliment, something I’m not used to 😊


    Thank you for sharing. Sounds like a beautiful experience for all 💗

    James Donald

    Thank you, it was a very happy period for the most part. Obviously life kicked occasionally like it does but it was a good time in my life.


    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, James! This was beautiful to read. 💖


    Wow! I LOVED reading your story. How wonderful for you both that you LIVED it!


    Hi James

    What a beautiful journey for a first abf relationship. You have a wonderful writing style.

    Sadly those who desire this are ‘one in a million’ for something that is considered to be highly taboo; not to mention they generally live too far away.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Katie x

    Tanned tits

    What a sweet journey….


    Wonderful story, James!


    I loved reading that thank you


    That was a lovely read. Thank you for sharing.

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