Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl
(written by Michael Admin)
Read by Miss Rosie

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For Sir’s pleasure, she loves to wear the blouse with the buttons straining over the beautiful swell of her breasts. A tight, white cotton blouse barely able to contain her milk-laden udders. And a long skirt, no panties, as he has commanded.

She sits in his lap, astride him. Tells him how heavy those udders feel and how the teats are aching for his attention, aching for the unique relief she experiences only when Sir’s lips and tongue are wrapped around them, suckling hard. “Now open that tight blouse, my girl”, he says.

She nods obediently and slowly unbuttons the blouse, very slowly as she knows it pleases him to see her fingers lingering over the tight buttons. Wriggling her bare bottom in his lap, she feels his growing arousal pressing against her. Such an impudent girl! They both know she will have to be soundly disciplined later, that bare behind will be spanked firmly as she is held over his knee. Smiling, she bite’s her lip, secretly looking forward to Daddy’s loving spanking.

As the buttons slowly open and her glorious heavy breasts are revealed, he bends his head forward to cover them in soft kisses, she gasps and puts her hands at the back of his head, grasping his thick hair and pulling him closer. He gradually works his way to the prominent nipples, flicking his tongue over them, lapping at the droplets of milk forming at the tips. “Whose teats, my girl?”, he asks. “Your teats, Sir”, she replies, submissively. “And whose milk, my girl?”, as he takes one of the sensitive beauties into his mouth and latches on firmly. “Your milk Sir, it’s all for you Sir!”, she groans as he suckles deep and strong, rewarded by sudden squirts of her essence. They settle into a slow rhythm, milking each breast until both are empty, as she softly moans, all the while stroking his face and hair, her suckling orgasm building slowly.

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  1. Wow just as I’d love it to be.
    My breasts ache now my nipples hard and so sensitive.
    My clit swelling as imagine feeding his hardness and then as he starts to suckle the contractions in my vagina. Just complete heaven

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