The Summoning – Daddy’s Girl part 2

The Summoning
-Daddy’s Girl part 2-

(written by Michael Admin)
Read by Miss Rosie

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Sir, I really adore the gorgeous way you like me to call you, to summon you, when I need my milking. I come fresh from the shower and once dried I sit on the edge of the bed. My huge breasts are gloriously full and heavy, aching ever so slightly for your attention. And as you have requested, I take from the bedside cabinet the gift you brought for me on the very first day I became your milkmaid. A pair of ornate silver bells, with soft velvet-padded clips attached. They are my lovely milking-bells.

I carefully attach each bell by the soft clips to each of my thick protruding nipples – my “teats” as you love to hear me say – and I can’t help smiling happily as I feel the delightful weight of the beautiful adornments pulling at each large sensitive teat. To call you to me, I rock my shoulders gently, causing the breasts to sway slowly and the bells to ring softly, the lovely tinkling sound heard by you in the next room or wherever in the house you are – calling to you, summoning you.

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