This poem was written by Frank. He says …..

Stumbled across this poem I wrote to a buxom, wanna be milky muse many years ago.
I want to share with you all..

Dawn from Babylon

There’s a woman named Dawn
from New Babylon
measuring 38F
a pretty great set
onto which I long to latch on.

For ten years she’s got hot
At daydreams and thought
Of a man who shares fantasies,
a penchant for huge mammaries
and fresh milk on the spot.

She doesn’t protest
That I stare at her breasts.
She’s endowed and confident..
A Cheshire smile she sent
In reply to the charge she is modest.

Naturally big and firm for their size
They beckon me to cast my eyes
to cuddle and snuggle
to kiss and to suckle
I cherish big boobs ‘cause I’m a guy!

From here to Kashmir
some women have savoir faire,
some are big tittied,
some to inducing are committed
but the woman who is all, is indeed rare.

Oh how sweet
to suck from the teat
of your lover
(or other)
what was once only made by new mothers.

Endless thoughts I think
Of Dawn’s “medium size and pink”
Await only my suction
To coax them into production
And the goodness of Goddess’ nectar I’ll drink.

Conversation that’s effortless.
No drama or pretense.
exhilarating and intense.

Oh hurry Dawn banish the night.
for a new view and fresh light.
Carpe diem dear,
If you have the desire,
But hurry Dawn because this day is also finite…

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