Jigsaw Puzzle 519

☘️ It’s St Patrick’s Day! ☘️
The prize competition
is now closed.

🎶 In Dublin’s fair city
Where the girls have huge titties
I first set my eyes on
Sweet Molly Malone 🎶

🎶 Well her boobs kept on growin’
Then her milk started flowin’
So I told her we’d marry
And I’d make her my own 🎶

🎶 But alas, she weren’t willin’
My dreams to fulfillin’
She just laughed in my face
And told me “Póg Mo Thóin” 🎶

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Prize Competition!
Who can create a poem or a song whose theme is both Ireland AND adult nursing?
Put your entries in the comment section below, make them funny or serious or whatever you like! The lovely Irish lady shown in the puzzle will pick her favorite and will post a small gift/prize to you, direct from the Emerald Isle. Nothing expensive but definitely something sweet & typically Irish. Fantastic!

UPDATE: The competition is now closed and a winner has been chosen! See below for details.

36 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle 519”

  1. This kind of reads like Homer’s Illiad.😉

    ☘️As a young man Groggy travelled the Emerald Isles.☘️

    ☘️Traveling to and fro he met many a people and made fast friends.☘️

    ☘️He saw a fair lady, red of hair and freckles on her skin. She was sitting alone with a sour look on her face.☘️

    ☘️She said her name was Kitty, that she wasn’t from here. She lived on a farm not far from this place☘️

    ☘️When asked why do sad, she replied “No one wants a Lass with just one titty.”☘️

    ☘️Kitty and Grog became good friends. They enjoyed many bright days, not put off by the gloom or fog☘️

    ☘️On a lark one fine spring day she led Groggy to a woodsy park.☘️

    ☘️Laying in the grass the breeze was cool and the sun was hot. Grog decided to take his shot☘️

    ☘️Off came his shirt. Off came her blouse. Kitty unclasped her bra revealing her perfect bountiful titty.☘️

    ☘️The afternoon was a delight. Time stood still. Kitty and Groggy shared a wonderful experience.☘️

    ☘️Laying in each others arms Kitty with a smile on her face, she lifted her skirt saying to Grog, “Now that you’ve pleased my titty, would you like to P’og mo kitty.”☘️

    ☘️Groggy never left the Emerald Isle. He was smitten with Kitty’s bountiful titty and purring kitty.☘️

  2. Oh Danny Boy what was your ploy when asking me to dinner?
    Had you seen the spot upon my blouse wet with something inner?
    Your face was as bright as your hair But I accepted and we were quite the pair
    You lifted my shirt and I provided dessert
    Danny looked up and from his mouth there was a stream
    Nothing can compare to Irish cream

  3. One hot summer day, a man went to the Emerald Isle.
    He had never been there, and thought to stay a while.
    As he walked the street, a woman’s eyes he did meet
    She was Irish and surprised him by rising from her seat
    “Pardon my boldness,” she said, “but you look like a dream.
    “You also look hot. Would you try my chocolate ice cream?”
    The man looked down and at her table.
    There was ice cream, but it had not a label.
    “I’m lactose intolerant,” his tone one of apology.
    “Then you are in luck! You won’t react. You’ll see.”
    He thought while she smiled sweetly in persistence.
    Then he found himself relenting to her insistence.
    With some trepidation, he took up a spoon.
    When the flavor hit his tongue, he went over the moon.
    The texture so creamy! The flavor so rich!
    He felt her guide him to a seat so he wouldn’t fall in the ditch.
    He opened his eyes and again hers he met.
    “This is the most decadent ice cream yet!”
    She smiled and it lit up the already bright day.
    “I am so happy that you feel that way.”
    They talked at the table until her ice cream was gone.
    “I’d like to see you again,” he said, his fears foregone.
    “I’d would like that,” she said with a shy smile.
    “I’ll bring more ice cream, and we can talk a while.”
    For the rest of the summer, they spoke every day.
    In time she brought new things to try his way.
    Butter, whipped cream, ice cream that tasted of peach.
    There seemed nothing out of this talented woman’s reach!
    “This food you bring me is divine in its flavor!
    “How do you so it? I can’t help but to savor!”
    “Most ingredients are store bought,” her smile divine.
    Then she leaned in and whispered “Except for the milk. That is all mine.”
    He looked at her in shock and wondrous disbelief.
    Then his eyes wandered to her breasts, which her dress barely sheathed.
    With a voice trembling with nerves, he said “I hope you don’t think me daft.
    “But would you mind if I drank your milk straight from the draught?”
    With a smile both wider and warmer than before he had seen,
    She took his hand and said “Come with me.”
    To her flat, they did go, and he was truly impressed
    When after she closed the door, she undressed.
    Her breasts were heavy and leaking her milk.
    When he leaned in to kiss her, her lips were like silk.
    She lay on the couch as he undid his belt buckle.
    As he joined her, she presented him her breast to suckle.
    Her milk started flowing, and it tasted so sweet.
    Before he had known it, he had drained both teats.
    But she was not done with him and he thought he would die
    When she climbed upon him and placed him between her thighs.
    Together the discovered a new kind of treasure
    As the skies nearly split with her screams of pure pleasure.
    Thus began a lifelong partnership.
    When asked how they met, they both replied with a quip.
    “I was walking along,” he said with a beam.
    “And when I saw him,” she said, “I offered him ice cream.”

      1. Thank you. I wasn’t originally going to write anything, but this idea suddenly came to me and it wouldn’t get out of my head.

        This one was one of those rare ideas that I had to write down immediately.

        I think it turned out decently overall, spelling errors aside.

    1. Wow. Abf lovers appear to be very talented in poetry and story telling as well as suckling. Absolutely loved them all. Also a big shout out to Michael for his version of Molly Malone which deserves credit.

      It was so hard to decide but I am going to choose Corey for the prize winner on this occasion. Maybe this could be a yearly thing?

      Corey can you pm your name and address that i can send on the gift to please.

  4. There was a buxom Irish lass
    Whose boobs were as nice as her ass

    She took them out to please an elf
    But he used them as a shelf

    Instead of having a nice suckle–how crass!

  5. I chose to use some Irish slang…

    To the Wild Irish Rose
    Who’s on the lash
    With your fella buzzin,
    As you read my prose.
    Dja get me? Grand!

    Never be goosed
    By all the baloobas…
    May love and laughter
    Be the bannister’s boost
    For ye and your ride’s buzzin
    Dja get me? G’wan!

  6. When Irish eyes are smiling, tis like a morn in spring.
    With a little slip of nipple, all the men will cheer and sing.

    When Irish breasts are supple, all the world begins to stare.
    Hoping for a great opportunity, that they’ll see those bosoms bare.

    When her shirt begins to get wet, all the men begin to think.
    If only I was her chosen one, I’d set down this beer and drink.

    From the tap of the Irish cleavage, you dream to have a suck.
    Remember relationships are grown and not just coming from luck.

    May you encounter your Irish woman, who is confident and bold.
    If you are fortunate enough to find her, you’ll experience the liquid gold.

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