Purely platonic, non-sexual ANR? Does it exist?

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    Michael Admin

    This topic stems from a chatroom discussion.

    When we hear talk of “platonic ANR” or “100% non-sexual” nursing relationships, it begs the question: does such a thing actually exist? Aren’t most people somewhere along a “spectrum” of emotional/erotic blend of satisfaction regarding ABF, with almost nobody occupying the 100%-emotional end of that spectrum?

    I think it’s an interesting question. Do websites exist catering to this 100% platonic-ANR idea?


    Yes, they do exist! I once was in a non-sexual ANR and loved it! By taking sex out of the equation, it enabled me (and her) to totally focus on the nurturing aspect of ABF. Time stood still and all matters of the world ceased to exist whenever I would suckle on her milky breasts. It was a most unique and deeply intimate experience and a far longer lasting pleasure than intercourse! In my opinion, adding sex into the equation makes suckling just foreplay and the ANR is sullied, as it is no longer an ANR but rather a sexual relationship. So yes, a pure platonic ANR is possible. Having said all that, sex is important – but that should be the natural extension of nursing, not the end goal.


    I respectfully disagree. Coming from experience. Me and my partner treat ANR as a lifestyle. Nursing is something we don’t see as foreplay even if sex is added in. Idk why many people think having sex is so bad if it’s with someone you love and care for. It’s a very healthy thing to do. I see nursing as a very special way to bond with my partner just like sex. That’s just my take on it.


    Nick, Perhaps you need to read my last sentence a little more carefully.


    I did you said nursing is foreplay if sex is added in. 🤔


    Perhaps you are not grasping what I am saying. It is my belief that a pure ANR is exactly what it is, an Adult Nursing Relationship – where the only objective is to enjoy the pleasure of nurturing and being nurtured – period!

    What you and your partner share is a sexual relationship that includes ABF (Adult Breast Feeding) and that is great! However, the question was in regard to an ANR, of which you are not in.


    Absolutely!!! Not everyone wants sex. Take this from someone that has been in this for close to 7 yrs.

    People nurse for different reasons a lot of them want to relax be nurtured to have a few hours to feel an intimate bond and connection with you without words or sex.

    Nursing can evolve into a very intense sexual relationship when both partners agree that is what they want.

    I once had a man with a very stressful job that nursed 3 days a week for 2 hour non sexual sessions to help him relax and unwind.
    He could not believe how something so intimate could so emotionally satisfying.


    I believe it can exist. I am going to make some generalizations here, so please know I understand the bell curve. The issue comes into play when you consider how strong the desire is on one or both sides of the relationship. What I have found is that finding someone to nurse from is difficult and takes a lot of time. When speaking to potentials, they often have a frenzy about them. There’s a lot of love bombing about how (insert compliment) we are, sometimes how much they wish their wife would be more open-minded. So you get put on a pedestal and romanticized. I won’t even touch on the confusing oxytocin aspect. I can 100000% be platonic as the “top”, but I find the likelihood the “bottom” could keep it platonic quite slim. This person likely has more confidence, fulfillment sexually outside of the ANR, and doesn’t feel like they need to resource guard you. Also, does the definition of platonic include the suckler cumming in his pants? My goal was to find someone like the person above who just wanted quiet intimacy to unwind.


    I believe that such a relationship can be formed if both participants want the same thing and it is mutually agreed upon. That is the type of connection I am looking for. Just suckling without any type of sex involved. Ophelia touched upon the subject of the suckler cumming in his pants. That is just the nature of this type of adult relationship and I’m sure both parties may be aroused at some point during a nursing session.


    Yes, it is possible and for some the preferred iteration of this type of relationship.

    Important to up front about what you are seeking and hopefully the stars align and you connect with someone of similar mind.

    Don’t think platonic or sexual or monogamy or polyamory or any other version is any more meritorious than the other. Everyone’s life experiences have shaped what they need to be fulfilled.

    Could just be my experience but in reading post and profiles there seems to be a not insignificant number of frustrated (borderline angry) people on nursing sites (not just here but going all the way back to the early days of Yahoo!😂 and MSN Groups🤣, ANR Space, Milk and Honey, etc). Maybe that makes sense if people are seeking nursing as an outlet to relieve stress and find comfort.


    Indeed, non-sexual ANRs do exist. I once corresponded with a woman who enjoyed nursing her partner, and she told me that they did it simply to share the deep sensual bond and relaxation of suckling. She would sometimes be aroused, but they continued to nurse without sex.

    Another woman I’ve chatted with claimed that around 90% of ANR-seeking ladies she knew were seeking to nurse without anything sexual. That’s exactly what I’m looking for – a natural way to let go of all the stress that builds up inside me, being able to completely relax and enjoy a moment of peace away from the maddening chaotic world around us.

    Everyone is different, so some people are sexually aroused by suckling, while others like myself see ABF as an alternative to sex. It all depends on what each person wants or needs from a relationship – the deep relaxation of nursing to unwind and find spiritual healing, or the bond and intimacy of suckling to connect with their partner in a deeper way than sex alone.

    ABF Guy

    It doesn’t have to be sexual. The oxytocin released with breastfeeding (especially through a woman’s breast milk) is worth it alone.

    Speaking from my lone ANR (with a lactating woman), the orgasms my partner experienced while nursing me were almost too powerful–she struggled to breathe for about five minutes. It was similarly powerful and life-changing for me. Maybe a 15/10 experience. But non-sexual ANR is still a 12/10 experience.

    If a lesbian offered me an ANR, not only would I jump at the offer, but I would delete this profile. Sex or no sex, a quality ANR is not something to shake a stick (penis) at.


    As someone who is already in a committed non-ANR, but who is looking for an ANR outside of that, I’d like to think that it is possible and am heartened by those who say they are or have been in such relationships.


    Well now as someone completely new to this, it is clear to me to see that people gravitate to this for a good many varied reasons. Each with varied intimacy needs and styles of communication. I can see possibly no two ANR are quite the same. A couple discovering how this dynamic might evolve; now that is the wonder of all this, isn’t it? The intoxicating dynamic is no mere wading pool by any means. It is a deep ocean of complexity which I am eager to dive into. I hope to experience a relationship distinctly different in nature and more fulfilling than any other I have experienced in this life of mine. Getting a first brief taste of what that can be like, well I have to say has only made me intensely yearn for more. What I know is that true multifaceted intimacy of this nature is its own reward and must be built over time. A process to be savored and not a destination to arrive at. Is that platonic or sexually charged? I think it may be impossible to see separate out that distinction.


    @Peter and @Rob, you guys hit the nail in the head for what I see as the ultimate ANR. Well said.

    But I’m learning there is truly a wide range of feelings, emotions, and opinions on this very intimate topic. Thankfully this platform helps us all talk through it and hopefully find that special one that best suites out particular set of needs. Thank you MichaelAdmin with your beautiful mouth!

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