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    Since I started this site, the option to include pictures with PMs has been deliberately switched off. The reason: I wanted to stop guys pestering women for pictures.

    Recently I have been asked to switch this option on. Is this a good idea? Or do people prefer things as they are now?

    I’d like to hear your comments, especially from women members please.


    The men who pester for pictures or phone sex do so offline as well, where there isn’t as much protection. Here we can block someone if they go beyond boundaries. It would be nice to be able to exchange face or full length pics…..though I understand the motivation for limiting. It will be interesting to hear input from others too.


    I think there should be a 3 message minimum prior to exchanging pictures so there isn’t an automatic rush to see breast pictures and people can fill each person out..

    Or 2nd option, make it so that there is an option to request a picture that has to be approved from both parties to prevent unnecessary pictures being sent or received


    I like what flower wrote. I agree.


    I will say I don’t think it’s a big deal keeping as it is.


    Same with what flower said!🙂

    Jack B

    I agree with flower providing its sensibly managed and limited.


    Unfortunately, there’s no way to manage or limit the picture function when it’s switched on. It’s either on or off. So guys could send pics with their first message. And so on.
    Personally I’m happy with the way things are now. I would only send a pic of me to someone after first exchanging a few messages and then talking on the phone. By which time we would probably exchange email addresses, so pictures could be sent that way.
    Keep the comments coming please, I want to know if females would be comfortable with pic-messages switched on, or not.


    It’s a noooo from me . Will be a cock fest and nobody needs to see that 😬


    Generally speaking I’m sure the slight convenience of having pictures on here (rather than just inevitably going through another messaging app) is strongly outweighed by the chance of people getting harassed. I’m positive that immature people will beg for pictures whether it’s on this platform or not, but I think the bigger deal is people receiving unsolicited pictures they really didn’t want to see.


    OK, I’ll weigh in on this one. There’s a reason I put “no dick pics” on my profile here -and it does work. It lets guys know it’s not cool to send nudity unsolicited.

    There are guys that’ve PM’d me here that I’d like to see a face and/or body pic of that don’t use kik, so I’m in favor of pics being turned on here, at least until it gets abused by the immature.

    There’s ALWAYS the handy block button for those you don’t want to see or hear from, just like on kik. (Thx for promoting that, Michael -& promoting calling from a blocked number to make it easier to talk on the phone.)

    FWIW, in the 3 months I’ve been on abfheaven, I’ve only found a couple guys I’ve considered enough to talk to on the phone… not that they were close enough to meet anyway. So, in any event, there’s not a whole lot to lose either way; pics here or not… so I vote yes.


    I’m ok with maybe a photo album option?! So they can view at will.
    And if it is inappropriate take it at your own!!! ❤️


    Hi i definitely agree with flowrgardn. On here its easy to block people and stops the need for giving out emails, other information so its far safer. Im a definite yes to enabling pics on here.


    I would prefer to post a pic here rather than having to go off site. Hopefully men will be gentlemen and ask before sending questionable pics. If someone gets out of line we can always block. I vote for pics in pms.


    Ok, well it seems like most would like the option to add pics to PMs.
    Just to try it out, this option is now switched on.
    In the “Write your message” box, (after you start to type) you’ll see a little paperclip symbol, just like attaching a file to an email.
    You can attach pics in format jpg/gif/png, max size 5MB.
    This is just a try out: if it proves problematic, or if it causes the site to noticeably slow-down again (arggh!), then I will switch it off again. I don’t think it’s hugely important for the site.
    So let’s see.

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