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    Hello Everyone,

    Just wondering if you have ever experienced nursing 2 partners at the same time or being nursed with someone else.

    How was the experience and is it worth the try ?

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    Hi Fethhi, by “two at a time”, I believe the terminology you’re looking for is “tandem”. While I haven’t had an opportunity to experience it, I understand from talking to those who have it’s quite an erotic experience.

    As to whether it’s worth it you ask? That would be determined by what your expectations and those of your partner are. Probably best discussed with your partner.

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    It’s on my to do list! But it’s far more easily imagined than executed. But if one gets past the hurdles, it’ll be heady poetry.

    Instead of rapport between two, it requires rapport between three. The permutations of achieving that are mind boggling.

    There’s schedules. Hormones. Rail and tube strikes.

    There’s a better chance of it happening if it’s one lady connecting with a couple. And that could be heterosexual or a lesbian couple.

    Unattached men are more open to the concept than the married ones.

    Most men are unnerved about being present in the same room as another in an intimate setting.

    Most men don’t want to “share”.

    If when I make it happen, I’ll post a blow by blow account.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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