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    When we talk about having an ANR, we’re revering to a interpersonal relationship that includes breast feeding as a shared interest. The desire for breast feeding is universal, but the idea of relationship can be vague. Here is a list of a few types of ANR relationships. For this post, a relationship is a stable, meaningful, supportive, ongoing, interpersonal connection/interaction (typically with well defined boundaries and long term goals). Feel free to add your own types or post comments about these. Remember, It’s very important that people express the kind of relationship they want, and make sure that their partners are on the same page!

    Monogamous Life Partner ANR
    These partners are in a committed monogamous, romantic relationship and are not interested in finding outside partners. They were either monogamous life partners and discovered a shared interest in breast feeding or dated and then forged a committed relationship with an focus on romantic connection, commitment, LTR relationship compatibility and breast feeding. This relationship is sexual by default.

    Poly Life Partner ANR
    These partners are in a committed, romantic relationship, but allow room in their relationship for outside play and exploration. This may include secondary Life partners, fetish partners or dating. Both may be interested in ABF or one is and the other is not. This relationship is sexual by default, but outside relationships might not be.

    These partners are in a committed, romantic relationship, but one is breaking trust and trying to find someone else. The primary relationship is probably doomed, and outside relationships tend to require too much discretion and deception to become long term relationships.

    Fetish Partners
    People that are drawn together and meet specifically to indulge their needs and desires. The relationship is focused on hedonistic enjoyment of a share interest and may or may not be sexual. Friends with benefits is a good way to describe this relationship. In general, the partners do not have the right dynamic for a romantic life partner relationship, though one may develop. They are committed to the pursuit of their fetish (such as inducing) and can include multiple nursers. Involves various degrees of closeness from very open to monogamous. Ongoing communication is essential. May come to an end, if one partner finds a committed life partner.

    On the way to becoming a committed relationship. Partners spent time with each other and focus on one form of relationship or another. Dating gives people time to form/find a stable, meaningful, supportive connection while partners enjoy each other’s company.


    Nice article!

    Divad Narr

    I don’t object to being lumped in with the cheater category. I have to live with the choices I’ve made. I do, however, object to the way you have characterized and and dismissed the relationship and the situation. I have been married for 20 years, together for 25 years. I love my wife dearly and she is my best friend. My choosing to satisfy my sexual needs and some of my intimate needs outside of that relationship have allowed me to stay married and sane. I was in an limited ANR for 5+ years. How long does a relationship have to last to qualify for your definition of long-term? How long does a marriage have to last before it no longer qualifies as “doomed” in your expert opinion? I left my last partner better off than when we met…we parted on great terms and are still friends. My wife is healthier and more successful now than when we first met and is thrilled with the relationship we have. No, she does not know about my extra-marital relationships (their is your less judgmental word for cheating, by the way) or if she does, which I suspect she does, since she’s damned smart, she chooses to willfully ignore them. So, kindly keep your judgements to yourself. They don’t belong on this site.


    To Divad: Thank you for your honesty. Your posts are very informative. I’m sure that your future partners will be very happy that you have explained yourself so well.


    Hello Everyone:

    If someone posts a discussion comment or question, it is his or her point of view or experience. It does not mean that the person is judging another; it, is just how HE OR SHE feels bout a particular topic. In this lifestyle we all decide what is acceptable versus not. Therefore, my type of honesty may not be yours. If an article posted gets under someone’s skin; maybe, a self-reflection is needed as to why the article has touched a nerve.

    I enjoy everyone’s posts or comments because it helps to provide clarity as to where some members stand on a topic. Therefore, I can see with open eyes whom I want to chat with versus the those that may not be my cup of tea. Thank you to everyone that posts! Have a great day! Please stay COVID-19 free and healthy!


    Well said Catherine. In other words, peeps get “triggered” about their own insecurities when reading others opinions.

    Thank you for this as I was thinking the same however you articulated it better than me!


    Great information. Good responses. We all learn from each other.

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