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My intro to ANR

I was 16 when I fell in love for the first time. Although, to be fair… “fell” doesn’t quite capture it. I took an olympian freestyle high dive into love with him and didn’t come up for air for the better part of 10 years. I lived on my own at the age of 17 – so he and I spent almost every night together. He remains the only man who has ever loved and accepted everything about my body; every taste, every scent, every curve, every mark…sometimes I would ask “But how do you like THAT??” He would say, “I love all of it. This is where you live.”

Even at 16 I was large breasted – which he loved. I was much smaller then and somewhat athletic, so he appreciated them more than I did. My biggest annoyance was that I couldn’t sleep comfortably on my tummy, so I had to get used to sleeping on my side. He would sleep on his side with his face nestled into my breasts and my arms and legs wrapped around him. One night, a couple of years into our dating, he fell asleep before I did. I gazed down at him as he slept and I noticed that his lips and tongue looked like they were softly sucking. I gently moved my nipple toward his mouth and rested it on his lips. At first his mouth stayed closed – but I could feel the slight movement of his lips and tongue. Even though my nipple wasn’t in his mouth, I felt relaxed and comforted by the slight movement and the possibility. I started to doze off – feeling even more close to him than before. I woke a short time later to the sensation of my nipple being sucked. He had awoken just enough to open his mouth and begin to softly suck. I moved as close as I could to him and held his head in my hand. He made a soft moaning sound and wrapped his arms around my back. We were both asleep within minutes.

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Turkey roast…? Its a turkey train wreck…/Quarantine life.

Oh my… Happy Thanksgiving from  Matthew West …just had to share….this song/ video Gobble Gobble… you cannot watch this video and not smile….  I challenge you. (it is a bit like a train wreck of silliness).

I tossed Quarantine life video on the bottom for those who do not like or appreciate the American holiday…Thanksgiving.



Afternoon Delight

An erotic story written by a female ABFheaven member using the pen-name VelveteenRabbit.

Afternoon Delight
by VelveteenRabbit

Grace walked into the office yawning widely, it was a Sunday and far too early. But she had a meeting due and some free time after before she met Eric for lunch. It was a month now since she had found out about ABF and ANR through Zoe, her friend who was in a long term anr with her fiancée. She had been massaging, pumping and using a TENS machine on and off the whole time. She had noticed her breasts had grown slightly larger, her areolas bigger but still a pale pink and her glands much more noticeable.

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Is it possible to introduce ABF/ANR to someone?

Is it possible to introduce adult breastfeeding to someone who has never heard of such a thing?

I found this Interesting article about how to bring up the subject of ABF/ANR to a partner who is not aware of the fantasy playing itself out in your head….I was reading through the chat from this AM and Michael our beneficent site admin asked a question: Do you think it is possible to introduce the idea of ABF/ANR to someone?

Everyone starts with the idea of adult breastfeeding  being new to them at some point.  So I would have to argue yes it is possible. Have  I done it successfully? Well no.  I might add, that would also be why  I ended up on a site like this; to find someone into this type of relationship to hopefully build on that then.

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What did you learn….

Well its been 9 weeks almost since I stepped through the looking glass into this territory of adult breastfeeding and nursing relationships. I wanted to gain a sense of validation and personal power from this experience. I have.  Although, I am not sure if I have learned much about myself that I did not already know. It is oddly the first time in life that I have experienced sexual intimacy outside of marriage and not felt taken advantage of.  Always before in my life casual sex has left me feeling used. Not sure in my mind why this experience is different, or if it has anything whatsoever to do with the ABF/ANR aspect at all.   Maybe I am just different than I was before I spent 10 yrs of marriage devoted to someone who had very little consideration and a fuck ton of resentment for me. Possibly it is a bit of both.  The ABF/ANR slant to dating does  alter the power dynamic a bit of dating; at least for me it seems to have.

I do know that I have met some really nice people and it has been a refreshing experience to talk about this shared fascination with others.

Because I feel like my rambling on is boring I always like to include some article link for folks to read.  So here is this postings article from a few years ago  in Rolling Stone Magazine. You may have seen it before, but I had not and so I am passing it on.


Victoria Milk` Inducing lactation videos

These videos seem as though they can be very helpful for inducing lactation especially if you have never been pregnant or had a baby. She did make one statement at the beginning saying her and her husband have been working to do this for 3-4 years. I thought that seems like a long time but she means that this is the amount of time to get to where he produces the amount of milk she and he are happy with.