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Comfort in the Storm

Comfort in the Storm
Read by Miss Anonymous

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Part 1

It is quite late or perhaps it is quite early. Regardless of time, it is dark in the bedroom and only moonlight makes anything remotely visible. It has been raining for hours and it was the sound of that rain that had lulled me to sleep some hours earlier. It taps the window and makes a low roar on the rooftop. I can see the trees waving but they are far enough away from the window to be seen but not heard. I have always loved the sights and sounds of a storm from the comfort of a warm bed.

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Sherry’s Story

Sherry’s Story
Read by “GentleMan”

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Part 1

It had seemed like a crazy idea to Sherry when it first occurred to her. But she needed money and this was a way to get some that would allow her to express the desire that had been building up inside her for what seemed like years.

Sherry had developed early. As a young teen her double-d cup bustline attracted a lot of attention, all of it unwanted. The boys all wanted to “score” with her so they could brag about it to their friends. They would pretend to care about her until they had their chance to grope her in the movies or in the backseat of their cars. The girls weren’t any better. Most of them called her unkind names like “Jugs” and wouldn’t associate with her. They assumed that the whispers about her being a slut were true. They resented her sexy figure, mostly out of jealousy. And so Sherry was alone.

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This poem was written by Frank. He says …..

Stumbled across this poem I wrote to a buxom, wanna be milky muse many years ago.
I want to share with you all..

Dawn from Babylon

There’s a woman named Dawn
from New Babylon
measuring 38F
a pretty great set
onto which I long to latch on.

For ten years she’s got hot
At daydreams and thought
Of a man who shares fantasies,
a penchant for huge mammaries
and fresh milk on the spot.

She doesn’t protest
That I stare at her breasts.
She’s endowed and confident..
A Cheshire smile she sent
In reply to the charge she is modest.

Naturally big and firm for their size
They beckon me to cast my eyes
to cuddle and snuggle
to kiss and to suckle
I cherish big boobs ‘cause I’m a guy!

From here to Kashmir
some women have savoir faire,
some are big tittied,
some to inducing are committed
but the woman who is all, is indeed rare.

Oh how sweet
to suck from the teat
of your lover
(or other)
what was once only made by new mothers.

Endless thoughts I think
Of Dawn’s “medium size and pink”
Await only my suction
To coax them into production
And the goodness of Goddess’ nectar I’ll drink.

Conversation that’s effortless.
No drama or pretense.
exhilarating and intense.

Oh hurry Dawn banish the night.
for a new view and fresh light.
Carpe diem dear,
If you have the desire,
But hurry Dawn because this day is also finite…

My intro to ANR

This post is by Lillian.

I was 16 when I fell in love for the first time. Although, to be fair… “fell” doesn’t quite capture it. I took an olympian freestyle high dive into love with him and didn’t come up for air for the better part of 10 years. I lived on my own at the age of 17 – so he and I spent almost every night together. He remains the only man who has ever loved and accepted everything about my body; every taste, every scent, every curve, every mark…sometimes I would ask “But how do you like THAT??” He would say, “I love all of it. This is where you live.”

Even at 16 I was large breasted – which he loved. I was much smaller then and somewhat athletic, so he appreciated them more than I did. My biggest annoyance was that I couldn’t sleep comfortably on my tummy, so I had to get used to sleeping on my side. He would sleep on his side with his face nestled into my breasts and my arms and legs wrapped around him. One night, a couple of years into our dating, he fell asleep before I did. I gazed down at him as he slept and I noticed that his lips and tongue looked like they were softly sucking. I gently moved my nipple toward his mouth and rested it on his lips. At first his mouth stayed closed – but I could feel the slight movement of his lips and tongue. Even though my nipple wasn’t in his mouth, I felt relaxed and comforted by the slight movement and the possibility. I started to doze off – feeling even more close to him than before. I woke a short time later to the sensation of my nipple being sucked. He had awoken just enough to open his mouth and begin to softly suck. I moved as close as I could to him and held his head in my hand. He made a soft moaning sound and wrapped his arms around my back. We were both asleep within minutes.

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