ABFheaven t-shirts … yes, really! … later in summer

Ok, for a bit of fun later in the summer … some ABFheaven styled t-shirts will be available. Probably not for sale, I will offer these for free to anyone who makes a nice donation to the site, plus give out a few. This is just for fun! You do know I like to keep ABFheaven a fun place, don’t you? Of course you do!

So I have posted below a few simple “mock-up” designs for possible slogans etc. – these are just sample ideas, colors are just simple choices, these are not the “finished product”. Once we settle on some good slogans I will get an artistic/design person to create the final styles with nice colors etc.

Question: who’s gonna walk down the street wearing a t-shirt about adult breastfeeding? Too many awkward questions! But remember, this is just for fun, wear it at home, or for sleeping?

Comment below please if you like this idea …and if you have any nice slogans we might use then let me know!

Suggestions so far include ….

ABFheaven – Feed The World
ABFheaven – Place of Worship
ABFheaven – (gives you) Bosom Power!
ABFheaven – With great breasts comes great responsibility
ABFheaven – Breasts full of milk are breasts full of love

ABFheaven – Official Milkman
ABFheaven – There’s a suckler born every minute (Barnum misquote)
ABFheaven – Lifelong Breastman


(Women’s tee)
With great breasts
comes great responsibility

(Men’s tee)

(Women’s tee)
Breasts full of milk
are breasts full of love

(Men’s tee)
Official Milkman

(Women’s tee)
Place of Worship

(Women’s tee)
Bosom Power!

19 thoughts on “ABFheaven t-shirts … yes, really! … later in summer”

  1. The “with great breasts comes great responsibility” shirt is my favorite ???? it’s too good! I like the others too though. Honestly you should sell some if there is a high demand for them. I’d def buy the shirt I just talked about for the next girl I date.

  2. I would totally want one and I am sure there are a few places in public I would indeed wear one. They are making me laugh! Just no cross anywhere. Even though the Bible says to do it! I’m gonna have to think of what I would see myself wearing the most.
    I think just ABF Heaven may be pretty damn thought provoking, too!

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments, keep them coming please! These designs are just random ideas, so definitely keen to hear any suggestions for designs, new slogans etc. Or simply comment which you like, which you don’t like. I want to settle on maybe 2 designs each for men’s/women’s and they would be made available first. But it won’t happen til later in summer anyway, so plenty of time.

    – I will change the cross on “Place of Worship” to something else (angel maybe?) or remove altogether.

  4. I’d think some funny ones would be good …like ‘I suck’ ????
    Or ‘Feed me if you dare’ ????

    I do love the ‘with great breasts comes great responsibility’ !!

    I also think v neck as an option would be a fab idea… show off the girlies! Great stuff!! ????

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