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An ABFheaven member relates how he
met his lady here on ABFheaven.com

I started my journey into what I know now as ANR in my late twenties. I’ve been lucky enough to have it in small doses in my few relationships. But nothing ever that was a true ANR. I think they did it for me. I really wanted mutual satisfaction, that feeling of bonding and being nurtured for both of us. I’ve talked to quite a few potential partners, met a few, had a few cancel last minute, and tried with a few. But I never felt a connection that stuck. Yes I got enjoyment, but I wanted that “connection”.

That’s when I met her. She messaged me first on this wonderful site. Lynn was a late 30’s, single female, never married, no kids. She’s a NICU nurse in a smaller town. We lived a few hours from each other. Exchanging a few messages, she asked to meet. (it only had been a couple days). At first I laughed, I thought she was joking. She wasn’t. I told her that I traveled for work and that I would be traveling to her town in a couple weeks. All this time I’m thinking, is she real? Am I going to be her next victim and be on an episode of Dateline titled “When ANR goes bad”.

We talked almost everyday for that 2 weeks. A few hours a night, we had A LOT in common. I REALLY liked her, even though we had never met. She was completely honest with me and let me know that she had seen another guy a few times for ANR. No sex. I didn’t know how to respond, I had never done just “ANR”. I told her I’d love to see where it goes. But I did mention I don’t share well.

She asked me how I would like to have our first session. I told her lets get coffee, see if we mesh then go from there. But can you wear a bra?(she likes the support of a sports bra). She had other thoughts. She said “no, I think we meet at a hotel, talk for a few and just start nursing. I’ll even wear a sexy bra”. What! Ok now the Dateline theme music is playing in my head. I was rather taken back. “Ok, are you sure?”, I said. “Yep” she said. That was settled. We were able to finally come up with a date that would work with our schedules. I made hotel reservations, and checked my life insurance policy.

Fast forward a week. It’s the day I get to meet this amazing gal. She tells me to text her when I get to the hotel and I’m ready for her. I’m so excited, and so nervous. I get to my room, take a few minutes to myself, then text her. She says “I’ll be there in 15, do you need anything?”. I said no, but hurry up so we can get this over with. (This was a running joke for us, since it took a couple weeks to meet). She came up to my room, and I heard the knock. Ok now I was nervous, like the first-date-ever nervous. As I opened the door, our eyes met. I smiled, she smiled back. She was so pretty, her eyes intoxicating and her skin freckled over her white skin. She had told me she was a strawberry blonde naturally. But it was dyed a sandy blonde, that went halfway down her back. She had a blue jacket on that covered her body. We hugged, which was really awkward since both of us hate touching random people.

We sat on the couch and talked for a few minutes. The she said “Why don’t we go to the bed”. I gladly said yes, but was thinking Dateline. As I sat on the bed and looked deep into her eyes, I smiled . She stood in front of me with her shirt on clinging to her huge natural 38DDD’s. They looked amazing. As I took her shirt off, it revealed a lacy satin lavender bra. I looked at them and licked my lips. I felt like a kid unwrapping a present on Christmas day. I looked at her and grabbed both of them. They were very firm but soft. We kissed, very softly. It was so intimate. She asked “Do you like them?”. I think my response was “Who wouldn’t?”. As I took her bra off, (ya that didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted) and I slipped it off her shoulders. They fell from her bra. They were big, natural firm yet soft. Areolas smaller than I had imagined, and nipples that were soft and supple. As I put my hands underneath them, I could feel how soft her skin was and how heavy and firm they were. I looked up and put her left boob in my mouth, her firm yet soft breasts, pushed against my lips. I put my arms around her and pulled her into me. She put her right hand on the back of my neck and brought me closer. She kissed my forehead. I suckled for a couple minutes. She pulled away, I thought to myself “What did I do?”. She looked at me and said “Let’s lay on the bed”. Great idea. She pulled my shirt off so when we nursed we could feel each other. It was awkward at first trying to find “our” position. But we were able to find a mutual position that we both liked. As we nursed she caressed me, I didn’t even make it to the second boob before I fell asleep nursing. I was so relaxed. I woke up (still not sure how long I slept for), and apologized. She assured me it was ok. But I snored. I asked if she had a video of me snoring. She said “No, why?”. I said then I guess it didn’t happen. She laughed. We decided to grab a bite to eat, before we nursed again. It was like I had known her for years. It was simple, easy and fun.

Later that night we sat in the jacuzzi and talked. Then got ready for bed, this time we found our “spot” quickly and we both were way more relaxed. I finally found that connection I was looking for. I was hoping she did too. Even though she was a “non-committal” gal (jaded from a couple past relationships). I once again fell asleep nursing her soft yet firm breasts. We snuggled then fell fast asleep. I’ll admit that I was glad the first meeting was over. We decided the next morning to continue this at her house. We nursed a lot over the next 2 days. I mean a lot. It was finally happening. Someone that wants this as much as me. We decided we both wanted to pursue this. I told her I would be back in a week.

As the week passed, we talked and texted. Not as much as before. But I think we were both processing it. Though we did talk about how we both felt. And how she was doing.

She said her breast were tender, firmer and sore. I was excited that maybe she would produce. Though we both agreed that with our schedules, it wouldn’t be something we would “pursue”. It would just happen naturally. It was weird I didn’t have that cloud 9 feeling. I felt more grounded with her, like we had known each other for years.

We finally got to meet again. Though this time we wanted to touch each other. Ya I know it sounds as weird as I typed it. We immediately started nursing on the couch. As she caressed my face, I stared into her eyes as I suckled. I felt that connection and bonding to begin. Her firm breasts pressed against my soft lips. Her areolas and nipples made for an easy latch. We sat most of the afternoon, on the couch. Nursing and talking. We grabbed dinner then headed back to her house. We walked inside and I turned her around and pulled her into me. She looked into my eyes nervously and I kissed her on her lips. Her lips were minty from her gum. As I pulled her in tight, she relaxed. I suggested we go to her room and nurse. She said yes, “but remember no sex!” Yes, I said. “That’s what we agreed to”. As she undressed in front of me, I felt she was nervous. She was gorgeous. Thick in all the right spots, curves, and her boobs were epic. I finally get to feel her soft skin against mine as we nurse. I felt that bond and connectedness with Lynn. How did I get so lucky?

We woke up the next morning. Me nudging her for a breast to suckle. (I mean why not, who doesn’t love waking up to a nursing session?) She obliged, slowly putting her right breast in my mouth, pulling me in close. At that moment I felt so wanted and cared for. Hopefully Ms Non-Committal was liking me as much as I was liking her. As I moved to her left breast she rolled to her back, I snuggled into her like a body pillow. I nuzzled into her. Not a worry in my mind.

She rolled me over to my back, and got on top of me. I looked into her eyes surprised. Lynn was a shy quiet type. Or so I thought. Is this where the Dateline episode takes a turn, I thought. She teased me with her breasts, moving her nipples across my lips. Letting me suckle from time to time. She liked being in control, and I could see she was relaxing. As she was grinding on me (I was hard as a rock, and beyond turned on) I stopped her. Reminded her that there was no sex. I could see the disappointment that I shot her down. But I don’t want her to regret it. I wanted ANR more.

We got out of bed and chilled out. Deciding, snuggling on the couch was a good idea. We didn’t talk much, just let our bodies talk. After a couple hours, I wanted to nurse again so we headed back to bed. Every time we nursed, we got more in sync with each other. It became so easy, we just knew what each other wanted. She got on top of me again. I didn’t say anything and let her take the lead. I wanted her so bad, and I always make the first move. But I felt she would shy away if I did that. As she was dry humping me I could feel her wetness soak into my underwear. I felt as though I was in high school. Never in my life has a girl dry humped me the way she did. I rolled her to her back and slid my hands down her panties. They were soaked. I rubbed her clit then stuck my finger deep inside her. She moaned. I got my fingers wet, then started rubbing her clit again. Holding tight against me as she moaned and shook. I slid my fingers inside her, using her juices to keep her lubed. I could feel her tense up, her thick thighs clamped around my hand as she cummed. She trembled, gasping for air. As she began to relax, she pulled me into her as tight as she could. She asked me what I wanted, I said to “cum on your cum soaked satin and lace panties”. She smiled and rolled over on her back, I spread her legs and grabbed my hard cock, pulling her panties aside and lubing my cock with her cum. She looked deep into my eyes, watching me as I moaned and trembled. I could feel my cock about to explode, she could sense it. As I started to cum she would stroke my whole shaft everytime I would spurt cum. She was soaked in my juices. I fell forward on her chest, gasping for air. I kissed her and nuzzled my face into her neck. She ever so gently grasped the back of my neck, kissing the top of my head, whispering “that was amazing”. I rolled over and she lay on my chest, running her fingers through my chest hair. Things had moved quicker than either of us thought. Though I had zero regrets, I was worried what she was thinking. We were now both half asleep (supposedly I was snoring again). I asked to nurse as we fell asleep with each other. By now we had other “positions” worked out in bed. It felt so natural and so relaxing. My mind tried racing, but with her soft breast in my mouth I just fell asleep. We woke up and moved to a snuggling position. Falling fast asleep. During the night she “nudged me”, I gladly obliged. Something we did via text when we were texting, if we woke up and wanted to nurse we would send “nudge” to each other.

We woke up the next morning. I rolled over and started nursing on her left breast. She made herself available anytime I wanted. I never spent this much time in bed, but I couldn’t help myself. This girl was my “drug”. I couldn’t get enough of her. She got me like no one has ever got me. I was lucky to have had her message me. I wont bore you with what else we did that weekend. But we are still together. But not officially. Because she is Ms Non-Committer. But we spend A LOT of time together. I want to thank ABFheaven. I would have never found her without this site. Thanks for reading and – yes! – this story is real.

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  1. I would’ve been way too nervous to meet someone for the first time at a hotel. I’d always go somewhere public yet casual, like a coffee bar or the park. But your instincts served you well, and I’m delighted that you found what you wanted so much. Long may it continue!

  2. Baddest true story ever. Guy you are the luckiest sob. Solid commitment to abstain from sex early on, I was hoping you would hold out. Kudos to you both. The connection is everything. Love from CLE

  3. Applause to both of you. Your connection and flow is why i came to this site. With patience i’m sure i will find a delighted suckler like you. going to the jacuzzi hotel is my kind of night. thank you for sharing

  4. What an amazing story. This is story is like from an erotic article on adult nursing relationships. It seems to good to be true. All the details you describe were sensual and erotic. I like the part where the first time you actually met was at a hotel and she wanted you to nurse her. I could image how you felt when she took off her bra and you showed those big beautiful breasts right in front of you ready to get suckled.

    Thank you for sharing your moments with us. This gives me inspiration and hope of meeting and making a wonderful connection with a woman with large breasts who is ready to get suckled.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. Definitely would love to find that deep of an ANR connection. The idea of the kind of intimacy that comes with two people who are happy just being there with and for each other in that capacity, is enough for me to feel the tension just fall away. Again thank you! Much love and best wishes to the both of you!

  6. Excellent story, so glad it worked out for you. True stories like this give us all hope and the determination to keep searching. That a true ANR is achievable.

  7. This is a great story. This shows that you can find a great relationship and connection through nursing, wet or dry.

    The relationship does not always come first. Don’t be to afraid to ” nurse” someone to see if you have that connection. If you have that bond with someone ,it can turn into a beautiful lasting relationship.
    If you want a nursing relationship, sometimes it is better to outside the normal and start with nursing first , find the bond and build the relationship.
    Very happy for the both of you.

  8. So many emotions raced through my mind and body as read your beautiful story. You brought me right into every moment at the edge of my seat waiting for what happened next and how it would end. Thank you for sharing! You’ve given me hope that I too may find such a connection.

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