Sweet Memories of Camilla: True Life Story by Puppler12

– Treasure Chest Introduction –

New ABF Heaven member Puppler12 recently surprised the live chat by posting this beautiful account in memory of his girlfriend Camilla. It definitely made some tears flow, and other site members reminisced about their personal breast nurturing relationships that echoed the intimacy of Puppler12 and Camilla. This account shows us the value of sharing our deeply felt experiences- it allows us to connect with others who have the same deep emotions, and opens pathways to creating more pleasure and beauty in the world.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Memories of Camilla: True Life Story by Puppler12”

  1. Such an incredibly moving and loving tribute to a lady who truly meant so very much to him, to have a relationship such as his is a rewarding and seldom found coupling of two people, which makes his retelling of the lives together all the more beautiful.

  2. @puppler12 when you posted this in chat a few weeks back, I wasn’t prepared for such a beautifully rendered wellspring of deeply binding love. So moved that I quickly asked @tuehlykv if he’d make it a mainstay on site. Ergo my deepest gratitude to you, Michael and certainly @treasurechest for giving it a place to further shine.

    I very much hope that everyone here enjoys it with an open heart, as it will reward them with an exquisite glimpse into what the luster of life can be.

  3. What a beautiful story ❤️See that it is possible to love and be loved in this way. That’s all I’d like to experience. a relationship of souls

  4. To have a love such as this you are a lucky man. Once I met blogger who described the magic of suckling and listening to his partners heart. Only ANR can bond like this, we are all lucky to have or be searching for this gentle and sensuous relationship.

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