One Complaint…I have been on this site since March.

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    I had a couple ladies contact me on this site Non-Solicited; expressing interest in pursuing a Long-Term ABF relationship with me.

    We either spoke a couple of days to Weeks. and then the communications would abruptly cease. Without any reason given whatsoever or further contact. However I see you active and making post on this site frequently.

    I find it to be very immature; impolite, ignorant and exhibiting poor manner’s. By prematurely contacting someone if you’re not serious about persuing a serious relationship with them.

    Unless you clearly state you’re seeking friendship only and just want to chat.

    I think it is important to optomize time because there are even greater challenges inherent in finding a mate or partner.

    Situations where Women are contracting several profiles for enjoyment; is simply a waste of time
    , not fair and inconsideration to the Men that are seeking serious relationships on her.

    Read their profile; ask for a face pic; if your are not interested in the two; try to be courteous say “no thanks but….” and end all correspondances.

    I had one lady on here Call me at 7:00 am in the morning. Did not send her face pic as asked… then began to Question my Profile and my interest.

    Again if you’re not serious; or don’t like their pic or what their profile reads. Out of respect and decency; Save everyone precious time and don’t contact that person so they can find the person they want to be with Long-term.

    Thank you. XoXo💘💘💘💘


    I agree with everything you had to say, and I think it was well said. It’s the way Society is now which is very unfortunate. There are men on this site that have no clue what ANR is or involves. The women seem to be not very engaged in the process either. I’m not sure but I think people think this is Facebook and I’ve never understood the friend part of these websites. I see some of the women that contact me have friends that don’t even live anywhere close to where they’re at. I’m in Texas and I had a woman contact me from Alaska. You cannot have a true ANR relationship from long distances. I already have plenty of friends I’m just looking for a partner. I think a lot of these people want to be popular but they really don’t want any sort of relationship. I’ve only been on here a few days but it’s like this on all the sites. I’ve already had a few scammers which I’ve never understood that.


    Exactly; you get what im saying!

    I am warly about conversing with Women that I see with friends in the 30 range because I feel they’re not seriously looking for a mate ANR/ABF relationship.

    Like you said this isn’t Facebook but a site to confer and meet to establish a ABF/ ANR relationship.

    I had a terrible relationship with a Woman for 15 years which looking back I had the opportunity to end in 3 momths.

    With that being said I can see the negative behavior what is going on very early.

    If a Woman is serious about relocating then it should be ok. If not then she shouldnt be conversing with you.

    And yes I had one Woman I had contacted and she told me she doesn’t speak with men outside her country but she had 60 friends from all over the world?

    You got exactly what im saying.


    Michael Admin

    RJ : I too sometimes wonder about the usefulness of the “friends” part of this website. It’s really only included because it always is part of sites like this, it’s just a standard way of doing things. The only proper functionality it currently provides is to allow you to limit the visibility of pictures in your Media section to “friends only”, if desired. Other than that, it’s pretty pointless in my humble opinion.

    The “Friends” aspect of this site can be easily removed, if enough users want that.


    Michael Good Morning 😊

    the friend function is fine
    It’s moreso the behavior how you use it.

    I was just discussing alot of the Women on this site aren’t genuinely looking for a ABF/ANR partner. I had a Women contact me from my neighborhood anonymously about a momth ago she told me about herself then just disappeared.

    I think as more Women join the site you will have more serious dialog
    And ABF/ANR relstioships created in due time.

    Well I gotta get up and work ill be around Michael have a blessed day



    Some excellent points made here.
    Thank you everyone for your input.



    I dont necessarily see any of the ABF/ANR sites to just look for a partner. Its also to share information and have communication with like minded people. Does not matter what states you have friends in. If you only accepted friend requests from someone in your state that might be two or three people then your limiting your chances of meeting the right person.

    I have friends in different states and countries that I have talk to for several years we always talk when we see each other on these sites to see how we are or if we have found someone.

    I will agree that a lot of people do not understand that it’s very disrespectful to not let someone know you are not interested after talking to them.

    Without the friends part of the site the communication and in site to the ANR/ABF community would break down. After all who else can you freely talk to about adult nursing?

    The site is not all about finding a partner its also about knowledge.

    If I was a betting person I would say only 30% of the people on the site have ANR/ABF experience but that does not mean I dont want to be friends with the 70% that dont have experience.

    Sometimes you find a partner sometimes you dont. One thing for sure you will meet a lot of interesting people and gain a lot of knowledge.


    Ok I appreciate your response and you address two sides of my argument. Which I stated it is fine to make friends and share fantasies and information. Completely understandable.

    However from my standpoint as a man
    I don’t have the luxury of time I have to work earn a living plus I have to be prepared to take care of my future mate. That’s the role of a man.

    I don’t have women pursuing me for a courtship or serious relationship it’s the other way around. That’s the role of the man to pursue.

    So it becomes more of an arduous task when your conversing with a women who is only intent is making friends instead of working on a serious relationship. I don’t have the luxury of time.

    Do you see my point.

    In addition You don’t need to speak to alot of people to find your mate. That’s bogus No one is perfect and the grass in never greener on the other side.

    Three things that only need to be established.

    (2) Commitment
    (3) care for each other.

    That’s all you need everything else falls into place.

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