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    I woke up to the heavy labored
    moans as milk spurted in copious amounts from her engorged nipples. She began fingering her thick pouty lips which were flushed red and puffy. Her trimmed hairs carressing my thighs like a feather.

    Her clitorous very erect and stiff to the touch, pulsating. She kisses me with her plump and pouty bee stung lips. Which are moist and as soft as silk. After our long passionate kiss. She then places her wet creamy finger into her mouth.

    I asked her “how swewt do you taste” she then says “find out for yourself” Spontaneously her middle finger and index finger enter into my mouth. My taste buds explode with a cacophony of flavors. Sweet soultry thick textures mixed with an assorted volumes of flavors that are indescribable. The erotic tension begins to heighten as my mimd tries to grapple and figure out the flavors I am experiencing. But nothing could compare to the sensations I felt when she demanded that I latch on to her aching milk filled breast. As soon as I begain to suck on her nipples, the milk exploded into my mouth creating a euphoric feeling of flying over the clouds. Her moans got louder and louder with each volume of milk I consumed. The splashes of milk came in constant waves into my mouth as there was no end to her milk supply.; as I sucked on her boobs deeply into my mouth. The taste of her heavy milk flow, completely dominating the strong flavors, left after savioring her thick creamy pussy.

    My sucking became more violent and physical as she moaned “suck my tits Harder…Harder.” With an authoratative hyperbole that ceased any objections. I became afraid I would harm her breat with each hard suck of her full blood-shot melon sized areola; I was going to damage her breast tissue. But she urged me on with each assured deep moan, with each gush of milk. That lead to an orgasmic victory.

    She shouted cum on my tits. I came on her breast harder than ever before. Triggering another out of body experience, reaching a new oragasmic height that I never experienced before. Watching my cum commingled with her breast milk as she tongued and licked cleaned her cum and milk soaked breast.

    Michael Admin

    Great story! 👍👍👍


    Awesome wake up call. Thanx.👍👍👍


    Thanks Guys 😊


    Fuck me….. I would take her place in a heartbeat!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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