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    Hey everyone! I just started lactating two days ago! Little backstory- I’ve been into abf for several years now, my ex used to dry suckle me constantly, but every time I tried to successfully induce lactation, I hit a hormonal wall where I was so depressed that I could barely cope, so I backed off (probably mostly didn’t push through because I didn’t feel my partner really enjoyed the idea of milk, was content with dry nursing.)

    I recently became pregnant with my new partner, and unfortunately, it is not possible for us to start a family right now. It was a hard decision because we both enjoy the idea of having a family one day. But where we live, our jobs and financial situation just makes it horrible timing. So I had an abortion, and I read that sometimes post-abortion, women may leak fluid. This excited me, it gave me hope that maybe some good could come out of this, allow my dream to come true, give me a deeper connection to my partner, and heal from the loss. So I started hand expressing every 2-3 hours after the abortion…and 7 days later, it happened! I am producing several drops of colostrum every time I express. My partner said earlier he is pretty sure he could feel it when suckling (it’s a small amount so he just felt a change in the thickness in his mouth, couldn’t taste anything)

    I have read every blog/article I can find on induced lactation, but I still have a lot of questions. Now what?? I don’t personally know anyone who has been on this journey. Even after reading everything I can get my hands on, I still found so few details about what to do in the beginning once you actually begin lactating. Any advice on what to expect next, how to continue to increase my supply (I’m still hand expressing every 2 hours, “emptying” as much as I can though that’s difficult to gauge with just a few drops here and there, and then expressing a few minutes past that) a rough timeline of when things should change if I’m doing it properly, etc.
    Tips for proper latching and how my partner can best extract it. Now that it’s here but so faint, we are having a hard time telling which technique is correct/most effective. But every time he suckles, I feel the most intense surge of hormones, like I could scream and orgasm and just want to pull him as close as I can (that’s why I’m so addicted to this 😅🤤) is that sensation how I know it’s enough for my milk to let down, or can I feel that even if it’s not enough suction/pressure to draw milk? Do you still have a let down response even with just a few drops of milk? I just don’t know! I’m already experiencing tingling, fullness, tons of new sensations, the most intense sex drive I’ve ever had. It feels unusual to have all this and only droplets when I express, I assume that’s normal? All information I’ve taken in feels useless now that my milk is actually here and I’m eager to keep it going.
    Any personal experience and advice is highly appreciated, thank you in advance!


    Erica, this is a great article/discussion, is it ok for me to add it to the front page “Featured” section?


    That would be wonderful, thank you!

    john ABF Healing

    My friend you need to get a pump, and start pumping every 3-4 hours for 15-20 minutes. The fluid you are expressing isn’t colostrum , since a woman can only produce colostrum after giving birth and having the hormone changes that take affect after doing so. But congratulations on seeing fluid, so keep stimulating your nipples by hand, pump or having a partner nurse. The babies feeding schedule is approx every 3-4 hours so by sending a signal to the brain on schedule every 3-4 hrs you will fool the brain into producing milk and you can be full lactating. the brain produces the milk and the breasts only deliver it, after you are lactating their are supplements that can increase your volume such as a Mothers Lactaid supplement containing fenugreek, fennel, anise, Blessed Thistle, and goats rue. These are the standard supplements that most lactaid supplements contain. Drinking half your body weight in water is also necessary , so if you weigh 120 then drink 60 oz of water a day. You may see a loss in body fat when you have lactated for a month or so as the milk is high in fat, which is excreted from other places in the body. You may have heard that post pregnancy a woman’s body will return to normal faster if she breast feeds. That’s because you loose body fat be expressing milk . Good luck in your journey and its nice to hear your excited .

    john ABF Healing

    I forgot to tell you to include Mamet massage of the breasts, it will loosen your breast tissue and milk ducts and help avoid any clogs that may slow down your process. You may feel swollen and sore temporarily but continue with the massage prior to every pumping or stimulation session . Many women use Domperidone to speed up the inducing process but isn’t always necessary . After your fully lactating you can add fruits that are high in fructose such as pineapple or peaches to sweeten the taste of your amazing milk. In order to increase your volume you will need to completely empty your breasts every session as to send the signal to the brain to produce more milk.


    It’s definitely colostrum, which I wasn’t expecting either, but I couldn’t find any sources that confirmed or denied if colostrum is produced after an abortion. (Unsurprisingly, I don’t think inducing lactation after an abortion is a topic many people want to talk about even if they’re doing it). But it’s so thick that it’s like sweetened condensed milk almost, with a warm hue. It’s a little hard to start expressing at first because it’s so thick and sticky.
    But my partner was able to get the most tonight than we have yet while nursing, so I think we’re on the right track!
    I’ll definitely be buying a pump soon. Thanks for responding


    It absolutely IS colostrum. The literature supports that a woman who had a loss of a pregnancy after about 9 weeks (miscarriage or termination) will produce colostrum and possibly milk if stimulation is continued. Get a Pump, stimulate every 2 hours if possible, and read. You are well on your way.


    Erica, first I want to say sorry for your loss.
    Fortunately for you your body is doing what it’s supposed to do naturally. Like other have said, start pumping ASAP on a regular schedule. Stay hydrated and load up on galactagogues. Happy Pumping. Give us an update in a few.


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