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    I’m white and only been in ANR with 3 women all of whom were white but I would love Asian woman or Indian just think it would be hot. What about you what’s your race have you had an interracial ANR or open to one?


    Hi, I’m white English, I’m new to this but my fantasy would definitely be a big breasted, big hipped Indian or Pakistani woman.πŸ˜‹


    It shouldn’t because we are all going to the same place in the end. I don’t even ask what race people are anymore it isn’t important.

    Divad Narr

    My last long-term ANR was of the same race. But I have had ABF encounters with women of other races. I don’t see why it should matter. That being said, attraction is a part of these things. And some folks are just not attracted to certain traits. I don’t fault them for having that preference. I wish them luck. Our pool of possible ABF/ANR partners is already so small, it is a difficult and challenging thing to limit the pool even further.


    I am white middle class man, never really thought much about racial issues, BLM might say that’s cos I don’t have to. Fair comment. For some reason both the ANR partners I have had over 10 yrs into this, were middle class black ladies. Each time I wondered and expected they would be different to white girlfriends I have had over my life. But very quickly in each case I realized yeh, every lady is individual but i can’t really say race accounted for any difference. We are really all the same in everyway that matters and I’m glad I spent time with both of those black ladies as ANR partners. Certainly if I come across a racist person I just think , and sometimes say, you don’t have a Scooby-Doo my friend. so ANR has given me a lot of peace, love and understanding, , Hope for others too.


    Well I’m from a brown Asian background myself and find it incredibly nerve-racking being with a white woman for anr/abf. Perhaps it’s to do with me being from another race – I don’t know? I’ve had white girlfriends in my past. My previous 2 (serious) relationships have been with Indian and Pakistani women – both were different personalities but no different to any other girl I’ve been with. One loved me suckling dry her big breasts because it aroused her (big bonus for me) However we just never clicked as a couple and the other hated me near her boobs – Still, we got on so well and was lasting relationship! I would love to be at peace from societal/race prejudices & judgements and feel the love from a white or black woman who wants to be suckled. My preference is – if not already guessed – large boobs of any colour πŸ˜‰


    I have been fortunate enough to have dated Asian Women Indian Women Dominican Women White Women Arab Women Latin Women.

    New York City is a very mixed place
    So it isn’t hard to experience something new.


    Lucky to be in such a diverse place. Where I am Ethnic Minorities (Scotland) are under 2% of the population. Majority within this Minority are IndoPak descent.


    I would WELCOME every ethnicity there is!
    Especially those of darker and very dark skin tones.
    Race never has been and never will be an issue for me.
    What makes it or breaks it for me is what’s on the INSIDE.


    I’ve seen some ads on this site where individuals are very specific about what they want their partner to be physically – not only in terms of race, but sometimes also build, age or height. If you’re seeking a relationship that includes or is centred around ABF, maybe some people are turned on by a partner of certain race, build etc.

    Personally, such characteristics don’t really concern me – it’s the connection between me and a woman that matters most, which will determine whether an ANR might work or not. If we’re truly happy together, we’ll accept each other for who they are, physically and mentally.


    I’ve had the opportunity to date several women of other races and I really didn’t find it to be any different than dating women of my own race, white. Everyone is complicated and comes with unique histories and baggage. The amount of available partners is so slim that disqualifying someone for race is ridiculous in my opinion.


    I’ve with italian 8 months and I’m Spanish/ Mexican american Guy who’s open to everyone. I’d do want White and Black more then anything, especially if there large or larger πŸ₯°β˜ΊπŸ˜šπŸ˜

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