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    I was having issues with my current Non-sexual ANR partner so I meet this 22yo Grad student from my school who is also into ANR. She told me to shave then only where briefs and call her mommy/mama and called herself that and me baby, which I’m not into but she had a nice rack and said she’d give me a HJ. We had an incredible session, but she had us wear these masquerade masks. She pulled out her phone afterwards then started replaying it. I had no idea she was recording nor did she tell me. I told her to delete it, she said “Don’t worry sweetie this is for my eyes only” then I said yeah but I’m not ok with it then she said “Well, my place my rules” I’m worried what will happen if she does post it and my current partner finds out. What can I do any legal action?


    If this happened in UK…. and in a private place and you explicitly denied your consent … Grad student is committing the criminal offence of voyeurism.

    You could go to the police who should investigate under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act and if a case was established it could be passed to CPS for prosecution. Alternately you could bring a private prosecution.

    But would you? (do any of this…)
    fingers x’d you forget about it as does she

    If you’re really worried get a lawyer to send her a letter requiring her to delete footage and confirm she has and what will happen if she doesn’t. Should do the trick….

    ***edit*** if this was in USA, I dunno then, maybe depends on state law


    In worst case:
    First of all I like to say that she was wrong in doing this without your prior consent, but that’s water under the bridge at this point.

    You did have a mask on…right if so you’ll most likely be ok because I don’t think she wants to have herself on video, but seeing she had both of you wear mask she may/may not be using it on a site like Onlyfans and getting paid from people that like viewing lactation videos, but no worries, no one cares what the guy looks like in those videos and you did have a mask on.

    People shouldn’t step out on their partner without their consent and this wouldn’t be a issue. just a thought for the future. you know what they said if you can’t do the time…

    What she did is what a lot of these young people do these days, record and post everything in their lives.

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