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    36 years old single male from Toronto here.
    ABF, ANR is the relation which I crave everyday. Whenever I wake up or try to sleep, I will look for some breasts to suckle on or latch on. My hunger and my thirst are natural and it is only for women’s breast milk and not for any fruit juice. Even if she does not lactate, I wish to nurse her dry happily everyday.
    My intention is to give loving, soothing and healing touch to someone’s breasts and in helping her in inducing lactation and giving her relief from the pressure built in her engorged breasts by long hours nursing.

    When it comes to inducing lactation, I wish to commit myself to it like my full time job or my duty and as service to my lady.
    Not just lactation, but I am also very curious to massage some breasts, playing, groping and all kind of sensual loving plays with them. I want to hear her moaning while she relax and rest and I massage and caress her curves up top.

    I am very passionate for those women who believe that lactation affirms their femininity like nothing else and want to gift their milk as a mother’s nectar to hungry babies. I am passionate for those women whose sensuality radiate from their nipples. For me, no honey or sugar syrup seem to be sweeter than a milk flowing from the breasts. 🙂 Breasts are like nutritional food for me during day and are like pillows at night 🙂 I can’t see any torture like needle play happening with breasts or any spanking or any red marks after biting as they are very soft and gentle part of body which need a healing and loving touch. Though I can give gentle bites as my love notes on her request. My dream is to draw my name on her breasts which can never be erased. And the way she will press my face into her chest and stroke my hair and whispers in my ear or kiss on my forehead or cheeks, that magical bond I am looking for. I am looking for someone who calls me or texts me and tell me that “Honey, I am full and I need you. My nipples are aching for you and my milk is just ready to burst and flow like a river. I want to nourish you on my chest.”

    I’d love to have you direct your nipple into my mouth as I do my part and latch on, suckling you and feeling the closeness as I nurse from you, and you nurse me. Not in a baby way, but in a sensual way of two adults enjoying this special, warm bonding experience.

    I crave for those hungry grunts, satisfied moans, long deep breaths, sloppy slurping suckling sounds as milk gushes and over flows from my mouth. Nuzzling my face into the soft, warm cleavage between two big breasts is one of the most wonderful feelings, second only to the feel of sweet milk spraying the back of your throat as I suckle her stiff nipple, I’ll either fall asleep or become extremely turned on.

    Falling asleep in each others arms like that with her nipple still snuggled in my warm mouth is so soothing and comforting. Its as though the whole world fades to nothing and there are only the two of us that exist at that moment. I wish to sleep all night with my partner wrapped in my arms and her nipple always there for me whenever I wished.

    Is there a place on anyone’s body that offers more solace and sexy sanctuary than the breast? I don’t think so. We keep coming back because the breast is where we are nurtured, accepted, awakened and refilled. I come back to the breast when I need comfort and connection by giving nipple stimulation and breast massage and to cradle and savor in this way.

    Kik: abfanrlover
    Email: abfanrlover@gmail.com


    Great post! I loved what you had to say. Maybe we can chat sometime?

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