Nursing, Desire, and Hope: True Life Story by Phil

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If you’ve ever had your life changed by a nursing experience, this post is for you. If you have ever been discouraged in your journey to find a long-term ANR relationship, this post is for you. Yes, it’s rather long but worth every moment spent reading it, I promise. Rarely are we privileged to see the depth of feeling and introspection that Phil shares so articulately with us here.

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16 thoughts on “Nursing, Desire, and Hope: True Life Story by Phil”

  1. Thanks again for sharing Phil, I remember reading the original post in the forum.

    Thank you TC for your perspective! I had not thought about the the man being vulnerable in anr also!

    1. When both partners feel mutual safety and peace the bond is created. I think nursing can help people access deeper parts of themselves that go beyond sex, in a way, and honor the primal needs of protected vulnerability.

  2. This article/commentary is absolutely amazing, it explains in such a raw yet sweet and tender way how these strong bonds are created via nursing. I love that this website has so much of the focus on the personal connections inherent to ANR/ABF rather than just the obvious physical pleasure of it all. Thank you for posting here, Treasure Chest!

  3. Very well put but yes the English or any other language just can’t describe the connection. I am exactly where you are! I don’t want a “normal relationship” and yes I’ve tried.
    I’m so dispondant because I can’t seem to find anyone close enough. I love coming on here and reading people’s experiences but it always makes me feel really sad and reminds me of what I’m missing soooooo much.
    That chemistry is just not replaceable!
    Thanks for the deep honesty.
    I’m so fuckin lonley and I know if I had an arn relationship with someone who isn’t unstable like mine was that apart from having to earn a living to eat I’d finally be content! I’m 53 and have never been in LOVE 😔😔😔 CRAZY as I am actually a really nice well rounded semsative partner who is thoughtful and compassionate and open minded and just the right amount of kinky 🤔
    I can’t give up finding her!!! Or literally what’s the point of carrying on?
    I hope you find your OTHER HALF TOO MATE.

  4. This story has me blown away.
    If I asked someone to pen down my own story, my feelings, the bond, the connection, the addiction, the withdrawal, (I could keep adding to that list but I’m sure you get my point), I couldn’t have it written any more perfectly than that.
    Connected with that big time! ☺️

  5. Thank you so much for sharing from your heart. And yes, so many times, men have been told and/or made to feel less than for showing vulnerability. Sooo not true! Some of the strongest men I have admired, loved and respected also knew how to cry and express their emotions.

  6. Thank you for sharing your feelings regarding the closeness and vulnerability of ANR. What you wrote gives me hope for the future and the possibility of finding that partner. I have kissed a lot of frogs in my time but I know a prince is out there, or at least a warm and kind man who just might be a match.

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