My First Nursing: True Life Story by Rob

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When I first saw this post in the forum, I was struck by the beautiful writing and the mature, gentlemanly, almost courtly recounting of this special first-time nursing experience. Rob’s profile surprised me with his age- early 30s. The level of maturity and honor he expresses towards feminine energy is rarely found, especially in a younger man.

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12 thoughts on “My First Nursing: True Life Story by Rob”

  1. Rob- Your story is so beautiful and also very delightful to read. For some of us-at least myself- who are new to ANR or had never experienced it, your story helps to confirm the beauty that lies within ANR when the connection is right.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us on this platform. May this feeling remain with you always!

  2. Thank you for sharing a great personal experience Rob! Thank you TC for highlighting the story and the key points to learn from, otherwise I would have missed it!

  3. Thank you, Rob, for sharing such a personal experience with us. TC, your highlight is what got me to read Rob’s story. Your emotions definitely came through. And your respect was awesome, as well. I’ve never read a better story!

  4. Wow, beautiful story. Always wonder why people opt to just do sessions rather than have a longterm ANR relationship, where you have breast at your disposal all the time.

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