How I Realized a Lactation ANR Is Not For Me: True Life Story by Steve

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There can be a subtle hierarchy in Adult Nursing Relationships. Sometimes lactation can be a kink or a fetish, and people can spend lots of time looking for or being that ultimate milky partner. Sometimes, they are experienced with inducing and understand the commitment and physiological demands a lactating woman undergoes. Other times, though, people can be eager for lactation as Something To Do, like a check mark on a sexual bucket list. For anyone who is seeking a lactation ANR or has never previously experienced it, the following account is a good dose of truth and reality.

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9 thoughts on “How I Realized a Lactation ANR Is Not For Me: True Life Story by Steve”

  1. Thank you Steve for sharing and TC for highlighting that as nice as the fantasy or benefits of a good thing, we still have to keep in mind the downsides/harsh realities/demands/commitment of the other side of the coin, and evaluate for ourselves and with the partner whether to pursue or continue.

  2. As a man that enjoyed a 12 yr long wet ANR with my late wife I can concur with the article.

    A wet nursing relationship requires huge commitment from both partners, and therefore I believe is only really feasible with long term life partners. Wet nursing does add a whole new dimension to the bonding and nurturing element of a relationship and it produces such wonderful connection with a partner, but it is totally a lifestyle choice and decision that both must be totally committed to.

    My late wife needed me to suckle her for at least an hour, three to four times a day religiously, both to maintain her milk flow and to make sure she didn’t experience any discomfort. Even the latch is important to make sure she didn’t suffer any soreness to her nipples. Remember an adult suckling partner has teeth and the woman’s nipples could become incredibly sore and tender if she’s suckled incorrectly or roughly.

    For us, the act of wet nursing was primarily a bonding and nurturing activity, but it also had powerful sexual arousal for both of us too, so it usually resulted in sex at least twice a day. This only works if both partners have similar sex drives too if sexual arousal is a component of the wet nursing.

    I strongly believe that you must have the 4 crucial elements of connection compatibility for it to become a fully fulfilling and pleasurable lifestyle for both. You need connection intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Get all those compatibilities in line and you have the recipe for a truly magical bond with your partner that is unbreakable, except by death.

    I miss that bond that I had with my wife incredibly so. She’s been gone 9 yrs and there’s not a day that passes that I don’t recall that magical connection I shared with her for so long.

    I consider myself very blessed to have had that relationship with my late wife, and now I yearn deeply inside to find the same kind of special bond with a new special lady. The mutual benefits are immense when the recipe is right. I will never give up hope of finding the right lady to share this with again.

    It is so important to be totally honest with yourself first and foremost about whether you can live up to your side of the commitment required, and for your partner to do the same. If you align and are committed it is the most beautiful experience a couple can share in my view.

    As ever openness, honesty and good communication are what is needed to find the right path

  3. Thank you so much for highlighting the HUGE commitment from both partners for a non-dry (lactating) relationship Steve and Greg.
    *This puts a lot in perspective for me as well.*

    And really appreciated your note on the 4 crucial elements of connection compatibility to be connected for a ‘wet’ relationship to be successful:

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