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    *please do not respond or message me if you are a man*

    Hi there,

    I am a 32 year old non-binary (assigned female at birth) person who is looking for a long term anr partner, not just for nursing but for a relationship as well (I am single and poly). I am on testosterone and consider myself transmasculine, but not male, and am having surgery in December to remove my breasts. I have never been in an anr before but it is my absolute biggest desire. At this point, I have not found anyone who is local enough to me, active on the site, and into someone who identifies as trans. I believe that the right person is out there for me and that we will have a beautiful comforting bond with lots of milk one day. I own my own house and business, and have a life set up to share with my future partner if they want it. I don’t have age preferences or hang ups around bodies or appearances, what I’m really longing for is a strong nurturing bond together with lots of comfort and love. I am willing to travel within a two hour radius of Asheville NC in the beginning to meet someone, but if things click I would hope that we could consider being closer to one another. I’m also willing to fly the right person into to town to meet me if they’re willing to consider making this a 24/7 lifestyle with me. Thanks for reading!

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