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    We all have room to grow, right? The couple of times I’ve nursed, I felt like I was reading fucking braille. I mean I didn’t get any complaints, but definitely didn’t feel like I deserved a pat on the back. I don’t get much out of solo satisfaction, so providing what the person I’m with desires is important to me. I have very limited experience with nursing. I had a partner for about 3 months 6 years ago. I think in total, we had 4 or 5 sessions. I never really perfected a latch and the sessions didn’t last too long. I know this doesn’t typically line up with standard adult nursing, but our sessions also involved putting me into a diaper. I’d LOVE to explore more of that, but I understand if it’s a deal breaker for some. It’s definitely not required by any means! I’d still jump at the chance to nurse on the regular, but it’s a part of me I’d love to incorporate if possible! It was never used, by the way. And there was no age play / age talk beyond that.

    Anyway, I’m a 34 year old white dude. 6″2′. Lumberjacky beard when it’s cold, fuzzy scruff when it’s not. Hazel eyes. I just moved to Pittsburgh last March, and I’m a professor at CMU. I have a few nice tattoos and am decently in shape. I work out and exercise regularly, but don’t expect Chris Hemsworth. I really love good whiskey. Not in an “oh he’s an alcoholic” way, but in more of a “it’s really the only alcohol I know” kind of way. I love the outdoors, drinking coffee at all hours of the day, and woodworking/carpentry. No, really. I built a huge wagon/cart thing like 2 years ago because I figured it might come in handy.

    It has not.

    Anyway, I enjoy moonlit walks along McKnightmare, constantly worrying I have Lyme disease because of how many ticks are in this place, and my favorite hobbies are yelling at people who slam on their brakes before going into the tunnels and assisting in the genocide of spotted lantern flies.

    I also travel for work frequently, visiting other Universities in surrounding states. If you’re anywhere in the mid-west / northeast, I’m likely in your area often.

    Anyway, I’d love to chat and feel one another out on things.

    Also, does anyone need a wagon?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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