Bath Time

– Treasure Chest Introduction –

Rob brings us yet another ABF Heaven exclusive story- this one semi-fiction, based on planned activities with a nursing partner waiting to be experienced. Once again we can look forward to the gentle energy and vibrant descriptions that characterize a Rob story and pull us into the intimacy that only nursing partners can truly understand.

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3 thoughts on “Bath Time”

  1. That is a wonderful story. Being able to relax with each other, to letdown ones defenses to join this way is intense. Being able to let time pass you by as the only focus is on her and me. It is an incredible feeling.
    I like how these stories exhibit that fact that these characters set ground rules and follow them, no matter how hard it may be. Doing so, builds trust with each other.
    Thanks Rob and TC.

    1. Hi Grogman.
      It’s true that relaxing and melting into one another can be so intense, almost overwhelming the senses and instincts. But ground rules are there for a reason – to maintain our own comfort and safety. As a result, that vital trust steadily grows, allowing us to explore other things when we both feel ready to.

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