Sherry’s Story

Sherry’s Story
Read by “GentleMan”

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Part 1

It had seemed like a crazy idea to Sherry when it first occurred to her. But she needed money and this was a way to get some that would allow her to express the desire that had been building up inside her for what seemed like years.

Sherry had developed early. As a young teen her double-d cup bustline attracted a lot of attention, all of it unwanted. The boys all wanted to “score” with her so they could brag about it to their friends. They would pretend to care about her until they had their chance to grope her in the movies or in the backseat of their cars. The girls weren’t any better. Most of them called her unkind names like “Jugs” and wouldn’t associate with her. They assumed that the whispers about her being a slut were true. They resented her sexy figure, mostly out of jealousy. And so Sherry was alone.

Terry had been the one boy who had been a true friend. Sherry remembered the history project that they did together. Terry had been nervous to even talk to her, but he was smart and when he talked about the Civil War, his interest made the subject interesting to her. But even their friendship seemed to draw unwanted attention. The guys teased Terry mercilessly about being after Sherry’s bosom and the girls assumed Sherry was giving herself to Terry as they assumed she had given herself to all the guys in school.

The truth was that both young people were virgins. And their friendship was platonic. Terry had acne and felt ill at ease around all the other girls. Sherry was like the sister he never had. He thought she was pretty, but he was so sure no girl would ever look twice at him, that he never considered her romantically. Sherry was just happy to have someone to talk to. At first all their conversations were about schoolwork, but finally one day Terry came over to study for the biology test with Sherry and she opened up to him.

“So mammals are characterized by being warm-blooded vertebrates who have hair and nurse their young.” Terry recited. Then he added without thinking, “From their mammary glands.”

Suddenly he realized what he had said and he fell silent and looked at the floor. Sherry touched him lightly on the hand.

“It’s ok, Terry. You’re just using the scientific terms. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Besides, my mammary glands are kind of hard to miss.”

Terry slowly looked up and saw Sherry smiling at him. He awkwardly smiled back. His eyes darted down to Sherry’s vast bustling and then back up to her eyes. Sherry smiled a little wider.

From then on they became close friends sharing their innermost thoughts. Sherry poured out her heart telling him how hurt she had been by the kids at school and how she only wanted to be close to someone. Not for sex or to be a girlfriend, just to share quiet moments. Terry, in turn, told her how he liked her and all, but could never see himself having a girlfriend. He just wasn’t driven in that way. He felt needs, but not a passion to satisfy them. They came to understand each other as no else had ever done.

Years passed and Sherry moved into her own place. She took various jobs in town, but never seemed to be able to get ahead. In fact, she barely made ends meet. Terry also stayed in town after high school and worked for the town as an assistant engineer. He couldn’t afford college and could barely afford his little apartment. No one in town seemed to notice when they moved in together. Terry slept on the futon in the main room and insisted that Sherry take the bedroom. the arrangement allowed each of them to live in a bit more comfort although money remained tight, particularly for Sherry.

One evening they began talking. Sherry had been feeling an overwhelming need to nurture someone. Anyone. Terry wondered if she wanted more from him than he was ready to give.

“No, Terry. It’s not like that. It’s strange. Maybe it’s a maternal instinct or something. But I don’t want to have a baby. And I certainly don’t want a husband.”

She hesitated. She looked at Terry and continued.

“I’ve heard that women can induce their breasts to produce milk. There are herbs and a diet and even some drugs that can allow them to breastfeed. I’m thinking about doing that. There are babies with no mothers who I could nurse. I could feed another little person. I think that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I mean, I must have been given these big breasts for some reason.”

Terry listened quietly and nodded.

“Would you help me, Terry? Would you help me do this?”

“What do you mean help?” he asked.

“Well, in addition to taking the herbs and the diet I would need to have my breasts suckled. I mean sucked.”

Sherry stumbled over the words. She felt an awkward shame saying them.

But Terry said, “Sherry, I would love to help you. I’ve always sensed that you have a beautiful, calm, nurturing way about you. I’ve thought how good you would be with children. I hoped you’d get the chance to nurture a child. But I knew you didn’t want to get married and have a baby. I’ve never thought about what you are suggesting, but you are my best friend and I’d do anything for you.”

A week later, as they sat together, Sherry told Terry that she had started the diet and been taking the herbs for several days. It was time for the “other part”. She turned out the lights and laid back against some pillows and unbuttoned her blouse. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra. She motioned for Terry to join her. He was unsure how to position himself, but ended up laying across her on his side facing her, his head in her lap.

Sherry reached under her loosened bra and lifted her left breast into view and cradled Terry head in the crook of her arm. Terry’s face was against her huge breast. Without hesitation, his mouth found her nipple and he began to gently suck at it. It was as if this was the moment Sherry had been born for. A sense of peace engulfed the two of them. Sherry smiled a serene smile and lifted Terry’s head so he could more easily suckle. Terry reached up and held the enormous breast in his hands. He gently kneaded and massaged it as he suck more intently on the nipple. He felt the dark pink nub stiffen in his mouth and his tongue moved across it. He moaned very quietly. Sherry quietly moaned back to him. They were floating together in a dream.

Part 2

After a while, he couldn’t tell how long, Terry reduced his suction on the left nipple. Sherry instinctively shifted and brought the right breast out and offered it to Terry. Terry’s eyes had been closed since he began to suckle and he kept them closed as she moved to the other big breast and began to suck it. He was so gentle. Sherry noticed how he would intensify his sucking action and then back off. His tongue would flick against and across her nipple. She felt a warmth and a sense of giving that made her whole.

After a long time, Terry released the right breast and laid back on Sherry’s lap. He dozed and she sat back happily blissful for the first time in her life. The two would repeat this ritual every morning early and evening before turning in for the next two weeks.

On the following Saturday evening, as they settled in for another session, Terry suddenly stopped sucking the first breast that Sherry had offered, her left.

“What’s wrong, Terry?”

“I tasted something sweet, Sherry. I think you are producing milk.”

Sherry looked down and even in the dimly lit room, she could see a small droplet of white clinging to her big nipple. She was overjoyed.

“It’s all for you, Terry. Drink it all up.”

Terry returned to his sucking and was rewarded by a steady, but very small flow of warm, sweet liquid. When he switched to the other breast, there was no such flow. Sherry looked down at him hopefully, but he did not look up. Her disappointment was short-lived as the next morning, both breasts produced tiny amounts of milk.

As the days and weeks went on, Sherry continued the herbs and the diet and she and Terry were rewarded by an ever-increasing flow of milk. In fact, within a short time, Sherry could feel the milk building up in her breasts as the time since her last “milking” grew. Eventually, she would feel the “letting down” when her milk would seem to release from her breasts and begin to flow toward her nipples. She loved the feeling, even the urgency that it seemed to create in her.

Sherry and Terry bonded tightly over the twice-daily feedings. Sherry’s milk supply seemed to keep growing. And speaking of growing, her breasts became even bigger. She noticed the 36DD bras she had worn for years became insufficient to hold her huge, milk-filled orbs. She sent away for E-cup and larger bras. Sherry’s nipples became longer and thicker too. And they became darker. They had been a darkish pink, but were now a deep brown. And the barely visible tracery of pale blue veins had become more noticeable.

Sherry bought a breast pump and began filling bottles. She found that both the hospital and the local La Leche League welcomed her contributions. Through them she met mothers who could not, for one reason or another, breastfeed. Several of them offered to pay her for milk. Sherry gratefully accepted the cash. It made life a bit more comfortable.

As time went along, Sherry was producing large quantities of milk without assistance from Terry. He began to feel the loss of the great intimacy they had built up over those weeks. They talked about it and Sherry realized that she had, in a real sense, been using her only true friend. He hadn’t minded, but maybe it was time to do something for him.

“Terry, you’ve helped me realize the dream I always had. Now it’s your turn. What can I do for you?”

“Sherry, I am so afraid to say this. I don’t want you to take it the wrong way. I feel so close to you, but, you know, not like a boyfriend or husband, but I, I have a need…”

His voice faded away. He was almost in tears. Sherry wanted to comfort her special friend and without thinking she sat on the futon and motioned for Terry to come to her. She opened her shirt and undid her bra and Terry began to nurse. He sucked lustily and deeply. Milk leaked from the corner of his mouth. Sherry cradled his head as she had before but she also looked down and saw, for the first time, that Terry had a big bulge in his pants.

“Oh, Terry,” she whispered. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Sherry reached down to unzip his pants and reached into his fly and drew out his stiff cock. Terry didn’t look up from her enormous breast but kept suckling. Sherry began to hold and stroke his cock. She saw a drop of clear pre-cum form at the tip and drip down his cockhead. She rubbed the clear, slippery liquid around the head and continued to stroke the shaft. Terry’s hips subtly moved as she stroked him. More pre-cum dripped from his pee-hole and lubricated her stroking. Terry suckled the other big breast, his tongue flicked the big nipple and the sweet milk flowed into his mouth. He barely had to suck. The milk was flowing. As he felt his loins boiling over, he moved his head between Sherry’s two mountains of flesh. Sweet mother’s milk squirted from her nipples in needle-like fountains onto his face. He buried his head deep into the endless titflesh as his cum exploded in jets of thick white. Ropes of semen arced from his cock onto his pants and Sherry’s hand. She kept stroking until Terry’s cock became too sensitive to bear it.

Later, they realized that they had found the arrangement they had both wanted even without knowing it all those years.

Part 3

Sherry carefully put together her internet website. She wanted to offer her breastmilk for sale. But she also wanted to offer the intimacy of a breastfeeding session to customers. She understood that such an offer would have to be very specific in order to screen out those she did not want. Sherry was not a prostitute. She did not want men to order a breastfeeding session and, having received one form of intimate contact, assume they would get other kinds of intimate attention. She enjoyed offering her milk, her closeness, her gentleness and the warm feeling of peace that came to her and to those who partook of her milk. It was a fine line to try to draw. She decided that she would create a process by which her customers could make an appointment, then be interviewed on the phone to assure their were no misconceptions, and finally be seen in person, with her friend Terry there to offer protection just in case.

Very soon Sherry was sending out insulated coolers of her milk and making good money. She was pleased that many of her first customers for breastfeeding were mothers who wanted their babies to breastfeed from Sherry. Typically they could not breastfeed for one reason or another. Sherry offered a health certificate from her doctor to assure the mothers of the safety of her milk. Sherry enjoyed holding the beautiful babies and even enjoyed having the mothers nearby beaming as they saw their little ones getting the natural nourishment. She developed a regular client base of mothers with babies and she scheduled their feedings around her pumping her breastmilk to fill the mail orders. Money poured in.

Eventually, Sherry got an order from a gentleman who wanted to breastfeed. Sherry explained to him, over the phone how the session would go and the man eagerly agreed. He paid in advance and arrived on time. Terry sat in the room as the man listened to Sherry once again explain the ground rules. Sherry nodded and Terry went into the next room and Sherry took her place on the futon and motioned for the man to come over to her. He was an attractive man of about forty-five. He was wearing a sport shirt and slacks. He had dark hair with strands of grey at the temples. He was well-built and well groomed. Sherry smiled as he laid his head in her lap. She opened her silk robe and released her front-opening bra. Her huge breasts spilled out inches from the man’s smiling face. He gasped at the size and sweet perfumed aroma of Sherry’s bountiful bosoms. He reached to hold one of the huge orbs, but Sherry pushed his hands away and handled her breasts herself, offering him a nipple that had already begun to leak milk. The man gently latched his puckered mouth onto the big nipple and began to gently suckle.

He moaned with delight as the first drops of sweet mother’s milk hit his tongue. He began a rhythm of sucking and swallowing the white nectar. As always happened, an aura of peaceful grace seemed to settle over them as Sherry pushed and squeezed her big breast to work the milk to her nipple. The man’s even breathing and gentle suckling brought a feeling of tranquility. After a time, Sherry pulled that breast away and offered the other. The man happily resumed his feeding and before he knew it, the session was over. He reached into his wallet and drew out more money as a tip. Sherry smiled and initially refused, but he insisted. Sherry glanced down and saw that the man had a very large bulge in his pants. She had a moment of desire to attend to it, but thought better of it. She saw him push the bulge down and adjust his slacks as he left.

Sherry sat thinking about the man and his erection. She tried to picture what the large cock would have looked like had she reached out to free it from the trousers. But she didn’t want to get involved in that. It was illegal and it felt wrong to her. But as she sat there with those thoughts, Sherry became aware that her pussy was soaking wet. She felt her nipples tingling, not simply from the feeding just completed, but from excitement. Sherry hadn’t been very sexual growing up and had never associated her desire to breastfeed, although it was physically as well as spiritually pleasing, with lust or sexual passion. Now she wondered.

The next day she received her second adult breastfeeding client. This time is was a younger man. He was in his mid-twenties, just a bit younger than Sherry. He had blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. When he shyly smiled at Sherry, she noticed his dimples and how lean and strong he seemed. He paid her and Sherry explained what was about to happen. The young man laid across her lap and Sherry exposed her large breasts to his gaze.

The young man smiled and said, “This is what I have been dreaming of.” Sherry felt a warmth come over her as he took one breast in his hands and brought his mouth to the engorged nipple. Sherry thought to move his hands away and to take control of the session, but she did not move. The young man suckled deeply moaning as he tasted the sweet milk. He filled his mouth and then gulped it down. He pulled his mouth away slightly and squeezed Sherry’s big breast. He opened his mouth wide as tiny streams of milk arced into his mouth and onto his face. His tongue licked up the stray droplets and again he fastened his mouth onto the big, stiff nipple. Sherry moaned as the man’s hands kneaded and worked her giant tit. She could feel the wetness dripping between her legs. He released the big breast and seized the other and attacked it less gently than he had the first and began more noisily suckling. Sherry looked down and saw that the young man had a hardon clearly bulging in his loose-fitting jeans. Her every instinct was to reach out and stroke it. She moved her hand along his lean torso, but stopped at his belt.

Part 4

Sherry’s head was spinning. She was feeling the full flush of lust overcome her. She could barely control herself. She pictured herself mounting the rampant cock of this young stud and riding it hard, pumping her hungry pussy on it until she came thrashing and screaming. She could feel how his cum would jet into her pussy and fill it to overflowing. She imagined smothering his face between her twin mountains of breastflesh. But she didn’t do any of that. She took a deep breath and whispered to the young man that the session time was over. He sighed and released his hold on her massive mammary and backed away. He dressed and thanked her and said he would call soon to schedule another appointment. As the door closed, Sherry sank back down on the futon. Without thought her hand slipped inside her panties and a finger slipped into her wet pussy. She worked it inside the wetness and then rubbed it up against her clit, which was stiff and responded immediately sending waves of electric pleasure jolting through her body. She closed her eyes and rode the titanic orgasm’s waves as they hit her again and again. When they subsided she opened her eyes to find that she had slumped back and grasped one of her big breasts with her free hand and had kneaded it causing multiple jets of breastmilk to squirt all over her face and chest. She was in a state of wide-eyed post-orgasmic ecstasy. Sherry was changing.

When Sherry next checked her appointments, she saw that her client was to be a woman. She called the woman and spoke to her explaining the ground rules. The woman agreed to all of them and said she had one question. Could she bring her husband with her and could he watch the session? Sherry said yes. She had described on her website that she was non-judgmental of clients’ motivations for wanting to breastfeed. She was open to any sane person, with any motivation, of any sexual persuasion. But when she wrote those words, Sherry had not yet discovered her awakening sexual desire.

Two days passed and Sherry greeted the couple at her door. The man was perhaps thirty with better than average looks. He had longish brown hair and an athletic build. His wife was a stunning blonde with a flashing smile and a bombshell figure. As she spoke to Sherry their eyes locked. Sherry’s brown eyes gazed into Sue’s blue eyes. There was immediate, electric chemistry. Sue explained that she had had a baby a year ago and was still breastfeeding herself. Unashamedly she described how Tom, her husband, had begun to enjoy the excess milk and they had incorporated it into their active sexual relationship. For his part Tom hung back and let the ladies talk. He smiled and did not seem embarrassed when Sue was discussing the details of their sexlife with this total stranger. That could have been because the stranger had breasts even bigger than the formidable pair his wife had and he knew he’d be seeing them shortly.

Sherry was a bit dazed by the couple and their intimate revelations. She went through her usual statements about how she was not a prostitute and did not perform sexual acts with clients. Sue assured her that all she wanted was to breastfeed from Sherry’s more-than-ample bosoms. As she said those words her hand caressed each of Sherry’s huge orbs through her silken robe. Sherry could already feel how wet her pussy was getting as she found her position on the futon and invited Sue to lay across her lap.

Sue was wearing a sarong-like garment, sheer but wrapped around her body in a way that clung to her substantial curves. Sue laid smiling across Sherry lap and allowed Sherry to release her sizable breasts and guide a nipple to Sue’s lips. Sherry felt Sue’s breath on the sensitive skin of the big breast. Then she felt Sue “latch on” and begin a slow gentle sucking. Sherry moaned and Sue intensified her sucking. Sherry began kneading her own enormous breast deeply as Sue suckled. Sherry was moaning more loudly. Sue paused looking up at Sherry.

Sherry had a glazed expression on her face. She looked down at the angelic figure of the gorgeous Sue and said simply, “Don’t stop.”

Part 5 (final part) follows soon!

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