LactationStation Podcast – Supplements, Dopamine & Medications

All about supplements.

The Podcast!

The lovely Mikalah over at has kindly allowed us to feature her wonderful podcasts here on ABFheaven. This week she addresses the topic of supplements & medications. Feel free to ask any questions down in the comments section, she’ll be very happy to answer personally.

Mikalah is a fully qualified, experienced lactation consultant. Please visit her site for a fab range of products & advice.

8 thoughts on “LactationStation Podcast – Supplements, Dopamine & Medications”

    1. YES! you can definitely induce with just Dom and a pump. You don’t have to have a partner, you just need a consistent schedule for pumping. Unfortunately I cannot say how long it may take, everyone’s body responds differently. The average is 3 months to a year, it will just depend on your body, your schedule, whether you’ve had kids or not and other factors. But it is definitely doable.

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