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So today, I came across this site called Oat Mama which has tons of recipes for improving lactation success. For gals with short time on hands to enjoy cooking often, there are products with quality ingredients designed to promote and boost milk production to be found on the site.

Weight loss is a goal in all this for me and as I come across information and tips to sites like this  I will add them to this post.  I was looking this afternoon for some diet tips to enhance production of milk while allowing for some success with that personal goal. But largely, this is not magic. It is only mere common sense, so I can see that the number one easiest rule to follow for success with that is to simply eat a wide variety of fresh foods as close to nature as possible. A good first step is accomplished by eliminating as much processed and prepackaged foods  from one’s diet as possible.

A second good common sense guideline is ensuring sufficient fluid/water intake. Breast milk is 90% water therefore, the importance of water intake cannot be understated here as well. I am human like anyone and so caffeine will not likely ever really be cut out completely for me. I don’t smoke, or do drugs recreationally (or otherwise).  I seldom drink alcohol.  I do confess I have a raging diet coke addiction and I am going to work hard to cut down and eliminate that product from my diet. I don’t know why I crave that so much, but I do.  But for counteracting my caffeine intake, I just try to compensate by increasing water intake. For approximately every cup of caffeinated beverage consumed, the net diuretic effect is 1/2 cup water lost. If you are fighting to be adequately hydrated on the cellular level (vs. intravascularly), your body will not want to make milk. I say approximately 1/2 cup of water is lost because caffeine mg vary from beverage to beverage. The recommended volume the average lactating woman should consume 128 oz of fluid a day.

A third change I have worked to make with diet is that I have tried to introduce more whole grains in my diet. Much focus is placed on herbal galactagogues by women inducing lactation but overlooking foods that are powerful galactagogues is short-sighted. Whole grains are important galactagogues. Most of you know Oatmeal is a good staple for a lactation diet. I enjoy some daily just about. But other grains are also and I have developed a liking for quinoa since December. If blood sugar and or insulin resistance is an issue for you, you should know quinoa is lower on the glycemic index and scale than oatmeal. Panera used to have a steel-cut oatmeal bowl that I learned this am they have eliminated from their menu (bummer). They still have steel cut oatmeal bowl with fruit and nuts which was awesome for breakfast today.  I got an “instapot” for Christmas from my brother and his wife.  This appliance  has been a great help to making fresh food quick. If so inclined you can make a pot of quinoa and oatmeal porridge and divide it up in to serving bowls as a set up for a quick grab to go during the week. You cannot beat the price tag on that food hack either.

After getting that gift, I got down to the business of  minding my diet and was started on a roll with some serious lifestyle changes when the overwhelming anxiety from the COVID -19 pandemic crisis hit us all in March. I am only really just now starting to stand up and get to where I am saying enough is enough. This has more to do with my ex-husband’s “off the rail” response to covid-19 than anything which in the end derailed me, but that’s a whole other story I am not at liberty to discuss.

But finally, I guess, five weeks ago I said, “Anxiety be gone I am in charge here.” Logically you would think since I already knew this is true, I would not have become so overwhelmed with anxiety back in March, but we are all only human. Knowing something logically is miles from handling the emotive experiences that knowledge itself evokes in us.

It is not what happens to us in this life that matters so much, but rather it is our response to these events in our lives that makes the difference. I came across an interesting article on this as well by public speaker, Deb Sofield. I will put the link below to as well.

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