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    Austin campbell

    well it looks like its my turn!(: i would like to see if something comes out of this so hello! i am 24 years old here in temecula, california

    my story begins when i was adopted at birth as my birthmom stacy was only 16, from what i was told i was not breastfed but given formula, in my younger years i spent a good couple years searching for mothers who were producing to let me experience what i have missed, but that went nowhere and i gave up, i got myself together and started again late last year up until now and once again nothing..

    i never thought twice of why i wanted to find a mother then (shower thoughts) i heard breast milk was really nutritious, good, sweet and delightful so it sounded amazing then feeling that closeness/bond and nurture that comes with getting breastfed from a mother was something i was craving since i never had that

    recently i started to do research and things became clear and thats when i found the ANR/ABR lifestyle/community, now looking back at the actions i took while being with women laying down wrapping my arms around them while i (nursed) on them im now understanding its a comfort thing for myself? the action is just marvelous and i cherish it all, i often get so jealous of hearing about others because it sounds like a dream come true.. another thing i want to accomplish is getting a women to lactate/producing, the accomplishment would be outstanding

    wraping this up my point is.. i want to take this further and talk with others, learn more, do more and trying to remain positive that i can find a mother who is producing so i can try milk milk and be nursed for the first time, also looking forward to a possible ANR/ABR friendship/relationship/bond with the right person that can arrive in my life sometime soon as im ready to be serious

    snap: xheavenly_sinsx
    kik: certifiedcountrynddj

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