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    Hi! I’m FoxyGoddess! You might know me from my posts in the forums or in chat. While I may come off as a bit cranky and grumpy in those spaces, I’m actually quite nice and kind. I have a great sense of humor and can talk about a huge variety of topics, not just ANR, breasts or sex and actually prefer the other topics until we get to know each other!

    I’m a romantic asexual, so the way you treat me and speak to me has more of a turn on value than what you look like and sex is never a priority for me, so if you are sexual, we probably won’t match. If you are a thinker, a creative person, and find learning new things exciting, then we will probably click!

    I am looking for:

    ❤️ a man between 45 and 65.
    ❤️ a self sufficient person who is able to take care of themselves
    ❤️ someone not too far away. If it takes more than half a day to reach you, it probably won’t work for me.
    ❤️ someone who wants a committed relationship, not just a casual partner
    ❤️ someone interested in the person attached to the breasts, not just the breasts
    ❤️ someone who is in it for the long term
    ❤️ who is willing to work with me and understand my standards and that my boundaries are there for a reason
    ❤️ someone who supports me emotionally and I will do the same back
    ❤️ someone I can depend on
    ❤️ basically a supportive, caring and compassionate relationship based on mutual interests, desires and goals

    Things that you may like about me:

    ❤️ I’m pretty understanding.
    ❤️ I don’t expect attention 24/7
    ❤️ I am a great listener
    ❤️ I send things like memes, images and articles that I think you will like based off the things you tell me about yourself
    ❤️ I’m good at remembering the things you tell me about yourself
    ❤️ I’m single! My kids are adults! I have my own home and a job!

    Things I am that you may not like:

    ❤️ I am political and will discuss politics. I currently live in an area of the country that I find politically oppressive so I am prone to bouts of grumbing due to daily exposure. (See my profile for my political standing. It *is* important.)
    ❤️ I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I consider myself pagan. (I will not tolerate Odinists. We are not the same.)
    ❤️ Opinionated.
    ❤️ Sometimes not very tactful and am usually fairly blunt
    ❤️ I go to bed *super* early and wake up *super* early

    Message me if this sounds like something promising!

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