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    Hoping to find the right luscious woman in Ontario (Toronto/GTA/ Toronto North.or Wherever.. Id drive for the right situation gladly!!) …….To me lactation is one of the most intimate, erotic, open n sensual experiences a couple can partake in . To me there’s nothing like a natural full set of lactating breasts that exemplify the epitome of sultriness sensuality n sexiness of womanhood n motherhood .. Its not only the suckling n the nursing its everything surrounded by it as in touching n groping anywhere n having milk n breast play as a major part of foreplay and our overall sexual experiences .. like oral n mutual masturbation while suckling and milking n fondling your luscious full natural tits while experiencing penetration as well as just integrating breast n milk play while we kick back n relax as well .. in whatever form makes u comfy .Love it so much that its always on the table n in the cards to be honest .. N i have some fun n impressive equipment to share with u as well as have at your disposal whenever you wanted in terms of a big thick appendage .. but reciprocation is not necessary or a deal breaker by any means … just so u know !…!! That’s kinda the short list …but I’m very open , honest loyal very experimental more on the dominant side but, extremely sensual n sexual n completely uninhibited but never ever judge n don’t hold back in involving myself in experiences that others find taboo.. as in lactation, anr/ abf, public sex n experiences , mmm massages , mutual oral n throating sessions , anal , edging .. n sooo much more … !!.. Just wanted u to know !I’m just a very open sexual creature whose completely disease free. Would love to see if we have a mutual attraction n some honest genuine real chemistry, comfort n feel together where we can really open up, unleash, n make some incredible memories together that could possibly evolve into something long term..!! If this interests you please feel free to reach at : johncougar44@gmail.com or on KIK @ jchillin8 ….Soooo Hope we find each other and can experience the intimacy, closeness and eroticism that an anr/ abf can provide for us both … Huge Hugs, JC!!

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