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    28 Hispanic / White passing male.

    5’9″, bulky build, tanned skin, romantic, passionate, compassionate, gentle and a kinkster. When I want to learn something new, I’ll learn it. Inside and out. Busy professional living in Southern OC. Although I work full-time I do have some flexibility to my schedule.

    I’ve included some scenarios that interest to my profile but they’re not deal breakers if you’re not into them.

    I enjoy worshipping breasts, by massaging them and latching onto them and suckling them.

    I’ve read about ANR / ABF for quite sometime haven’t found a partner who would be interested. The thought of having a milk maid to nurse me is so emotionally arousing. The idea of being so affection to each other that one nurses the other is an experience I want to have and to keep having. I’m not looking for a hookup or to ‘try-out’. I want that commitment of minimum weekly suckling and hopefully if we can schedule it to fit both of us, daily eventually.

    If my nurturer requires more attention i can provide that as well. I can use my fingers to tease your cherry and my tongue to cherish it.

    My ideal way of this manifesting would be this.
    I arrive to your place with a flower, a light meal or a gift. You dressed in a easily removable top. We cuddle, i caress you, kiss your soft skin, the warmth of my mouth urges you to release your breasts. Your yearning nipples ache for my lips. I let my hands wander more. They feel between your legs and gently rub the moist panties. You feed me one nipple. I follow and suckle until you feel the other needs attention.

    I’m completely new to this, but I’m willing to learn more through hardwork and experience.

    I’m mostly looking for anyone between San Clemente and slightly beyond Tustin. If you’re in LA, Riverside or San Diego county I’m not opposed to it. Just that daily nursing would be more difficult for me to meet that scheduling.

    I use Kik and email to communicate along with this site. Let me know if I’ve interested you.

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