Does anyone actually use these anr dating sites as actual DATING websites?!

Personal Ads & Forum General Discussion Does anyone actually use these anr dating sites as actual DATING websites?!

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    Seriously I can’t be the only one. I’ve noticed people only want others just for the fetish and not to actually find someone to date and have a meaningful relationship with. I just want it see if im alone in this mindset or not =( I’m honestly getting really discouraged.

    Poppy Admin

    Don’t be discouraged . I think it’s a mixed bag in regard to what people are seeking .
    Even relationships start with friendship .


    Thank you. I really hope so. Just have to wait.



    I’m with you man! I won’t settle for just any old titties! Or even young titties that are not mine!

    Unfortunately, and today’s internet, fast food Society it’s all too prevalent on these websites.

    Don’t give up young man! Be persistent and consistent! You will find her if you continue to look! But don’t forget that young women in your area are also possibilities! Here’s what I mean, if you find someone attractive, then strike up a friendship and explain to her what you’re looking for. At first it might be a shock. But let her get over the shock and continue to pursue a relationship. Eventually her mind will understand the closeness an intimacy you seek.


    And don’t discard the most beautiful of women! Most men are intimidated by their beauty! Don’t fall in that trap! Beautiful women are rarely approached and hit on by men!

    I will often go up to a beautiful woman and talk to her and even offer a Daddy hug. 95% of the time they say yes! And they press their beautiful breasts into my chest! I’m as bold as a lion! Of course I am a big daddy too.

    Sometimes I give away 8 to 10 hugs a day. You have to find your niche. Here’s something that might work for you.

    Ask a beautiful large breasted woman if she knows what the word



    Then, don’t answer the question let her think about it. Continue the conversation and let lactophile be the mysterious Icebreaker.

    I will also often say to them

    Does your husband or boyfriend know how blessed and fortunate they are to have you?

    This helps identify if they are currently engaged! They will be honest and answer the question with a positive or negative response!

    Or I will tease them by asking them this question

    Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?

    99% of the time they reply with a sincere thankfulness.

    But then I will embarrass them by explaining that they misunderstood the question.

    I’m sorry, I was only asking if someone had told you you are beautiful I wasn’t implying that you are!

    This gets them embarrassed for a few seconds and wet in the panties! I look at them with some disbelief as if it being strange. Then I grab them on the arm or elbow and tell them they are truly magnificently beautiful! And I tell them I only pull this on the most beautiful of women! I’ve never hold this to an ugly girl! That would be cruel!

    So, Nick don’t just use the internet to find your lovely breasted one, get out there in the public and start getting some boldness!

    Have you ever seen a beautiful woman with a plain looking dude? There’s a reason for that!

    Find ways to make their panties wet and you’ll have them hooked on you for the rest of their life!

    And have fun most of all!

    If you’d like to talk here’s my number!

    Four four two. 2 2 2. 7714


    ( the number is there for any ladies who want to talk too 🙂


    Thanks Raye for the advice appreciate it 🙂 i’m not really shy in public. I’m currently just doing my own thing trying to get my life together and I’m just passively looking for a relationship atm. When it comes to the concept on ANR however, I’m a bit nervous about bringing it up too a person in public because a lot of people are turned off by it. Maybe someday when I have a girlfriend if its not from this website ill bring up the concept of ANR. It is a bit scary though to talk about.

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