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    I’m seeking a man 35-55, lives within reason, seriously interested in a long-term relationship with ANR included, this means an actual relationship as anr is a relationship, not just a partnership. I don’t want anymore kids, I’m fixed, my kids no longer live in the home. I am seeking someone extremely serious about the ANR. Someone either fully educated about it, all the way around to what it takes, time, stimulation, supplements, equipment, etc. Or someone that is willing to learn about it, by researching themselves and I myself am educated, learning and experienced.

    I myself am experienced with breastfeeding 2 children. I also induced in 3-4 weeks, in the marriage I left 2.5 years ago with just nursing sessions a couple of times a day. The second time was around 6 months later, on my own with a breast pump for 8 weeks and, I quit after about 8 months.

    I am a genuinely happy, goofball. I’m very nurturing, intimate and understanding. Anr is not sexual for me, unfortunately I have to explain that it is just during sessions, I can’t change it and I actually love that. I’m outdoorsy, I love animals as I have a little dog myself. I like to fish, camp, travel, cooking is experimental to my mind. I like museums and live music. I am all around a genuine best friend and I want someone to share the rest of my life with.

    Aric beelhover


    Loved your profile. Can we chat?


    Wow I really like what you wrote. Exactly what I’m looking for word for word. Oops sorry I skimmed through first sentence didn’t see 35+


    . Ignore this

    Fresno 559

    Hi Stephanie
    Let’s connect.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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