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    Hi there, I hope you’re having a lovely day! I know this world is upside down and chaotic, but hopefully our mutual friendship can both give us peace and enjoyment together. A little bit about myself, I’m an intellectual individual who’s very hands-on, loves to read books, solve puzzles and makes friends. It’s perfectly fine if you’re not into these things, as long as you have a nice attitude I’m sure we can get along together. I have a lot of experience with these types of relationships, so no need to be nervous I can guide you through this. Unfortunately it seems that this kind of community is becoming very transient. I’m looking for something more long-term but would focus along friendship first ideally. I’m definitely more attracted to older women, I’m not sure why. It’s because you guys seem to be able to hold conversations more easily than others. I also love large saggy breasts. If you hate your nipples, chances are I will love them, lol. Hollywood has no affect on me. If you’re younger that’s fine too, just be mature. All faith’s or no faith’s are welcome to message, I’m very loving and non judgemental. I’m a Catholic myself.
    I’m athletic, above average height, live an active lifestyle.
    I’m in Ontario Canada. Before this corona situation I was traveling quite a bit, but they have closed the boarders to the USA now. I would prefer someone local. That being said, if you still want to connect with me for whatever reason, you’re more than welcome to do so!!! When things normalize I should be in the USA more.

    – You are looking for a “Brad Pitt Boob Suckler (I’m sure they’re out there, I’m not one of them, I need someone more down to earth),
    – You plan on pulling a “California” on me (not showing up for a scheduled meet up)
    – Some one who is looking for generous man A.K.A. Free dinner, have your finances in order please, this will start as friendship (this problem isn’t exclusive to younger woman)
    – Are only curious about this and are playing make-belief
    – Will not video chat very early (this weeds out scammers from India and overly timid time wasters, plus I love to talk and be social, not peck away at a phone screen)

    Kik johnnyjay123123

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