25/male/located in Temecula, California, hoping to wet nurse for the first time!

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    Austin Campbell
    • Male
    • Looking for: Female
    • USA
    • California

    fingers crossed that I finally find you!! so just like many of you, I have a huge fractionation with the female breast though I am after something special and that is to what I hope would be to Wet Nurse for the very first time, which is easier said than done because realizing what I’m asking for is like asking to be trusted to hold a diamond.. the reason I wish this would come true is that I was adopted at birth as my birth mom was 16 when she had me, giving me up meant not being nurtured or breastfed the way I was suppose to be. now for about 7 years I have actively wondered and tried to find what I have been missing, consuming breast milk naturally, plus the thought to lay in (Your Arms or Lap) even to wrap my arms around that warm soft body while I nurse soaking in the natural motherly love and affection has been something long awaited!

    I would like to also add I am more than willing to put in the time to get to know you, go on a couple dates, even travel if needed and of course earn my place in your life, though if you are reading this and your into ANR and have no milk the offer still stands strongly, I would enjoy an ANR partner/friend or relationship just as much as finding the things listed above, if you see this please don’t be shy, I am understanding, love to listen and talk so no worries! talk to you soon whoever you might be!

    contact me either here, email: xheavenlysinsx@gmail.com, kik: xheavenly_sinsx or snap: xheavenly_sinsx

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