Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl
(written by Michael Admin)
Read by Miss Rosie

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For Sir’s pleasure, she loves to wear the blouse with the buttons straining over the beautiful swell of her breasts. A tight, white cotton blouse barely able to contain her milk-laden udders. And a long skirt, no panties, as he has commanded.

She sits in his lap, astride him. Tells him how heavy those udders feel and how the teats are aching for his attention, aching for the unique relief she experiences only when Sir’s lips and tongue are wrapped around them, suckling hard. “Now open that tight blouse, my girl”, he says.

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Crossword puzzle JavaScript idea….

Here are some links of interest…

– The developer’s GitHub page for this H5P crossword-puzzle content…

– H5P main site forum…

Quick overview of desired “reveal effect”…

– Nothing happens until the crossword is complete.
– As soon as crossword is 100% complete, the “reveal sequence” is triggered, no further user action required.
– As per sample puzzle grid below (10 x 10 squares), the squares disappear one by one, starting top row, left hand side, moving right. Once top row squares are all gone, second row begins, starting right hand side, moving right to left. And so on, alternating direction for each row down. Thus, the picture sitting “behind” the grid is gradually revealed. Approximate time-duration for each row? Maybe 1 second. So all ten rows would take 10 seconds. Very approximate.
– Once picture is fully revealed, that’s it really. Clicking the blue Retry button will reset the puzzle, pic is hidden again. Refreshing the page has same effect, puzzle is reset, pic is hidden.
– As Admin, I would need a way of specifying the pic to be revealed with each individual crossword puzzle. Ideally this is not visible in the HTML of the page, before the puzzle is solved.

A working example of crossword is below, it is 10×10 square-grid, I will always use this 10×10 size, hopefully this simplifies things a little for coding purposes.

Make all squares green to
solve the puzzle!


By Joan

The urge to be suckled is difficult to articulate. Even now, as I stare at this blank computer screen trying to put “that feeling” into something coherent and meaningful that has led me to where I am today.

Even before I knew what “it” was; before I knew there was a name for it, I had always enjoyed being dry suckled and nursed by my husband. It became part of our pillow talk and role play, the quiet sexy talk whispered in a lover’s ear. I liked the sensation of his mouth on my breast hungry for something it no longer provided. I loved the sense of calm it seemed to give him…and to me. His whole body would relax, I could hear the internal sighs of comfort. I would wrap him up and provide that bit of comfort sometimes as a prelude to lovemaking or sometimes as a lull to sleep. His suckling felt different than typical breast foreplay I had experienced. It was deep and soulful, it had purpose and intent. Our sessions went in fits and starts depending on the voracity of life’s events but over time, the pillow talk evolved, and desires were shared. I wanted to nourish him. He wanted to be nourished, but I am what they call a “mature woman”, past the age of making babies. I felt I had an expiration date for such things and mine was way past.

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