Is it possible to introduce ABF/ANR to someone?

Is it possible to introduce adult breastfeeding to someone who has never heard of such a thing?

I found this Interesting article about how to bring up the subject of ABF/ANR to a partner who is not aware of the fantasy playing itself out in your head….I was reading through the chat from this AM and Michael our beneficent site admin asked a question: Do you think it is possible to introduce the idea of ABF/ANR to someone?

Everyone starts with the idea of adult breastfeeding  being new to them at some point.  So I would have to argue yes it is possible. Have  I done it successfully? Well no.  I might add, that would also be why  I ended up on a site like this; to find someone into this type of relationship to hopefully build on that then.

As for my attempts in the past to introduce this into my marriage…well, I am divorced now aren’t I? But my divorce had nothing to do with my “atypical” sexual desire (fantasy), but rather had  everything to do with my former husband’s unabashed proclivity toward being a “blackout drunk”.  As well as the behaviors he would never remember doing and things he would always claim he never said.  But enough about that one.

No I never really could make myself say “Hey honey I think it would be great if…”   I don’t know why either. I even induced during this 10 yr marriage thinking his seeing milk was there might garner his interest…nope. We had 2 kids…and nope not any interest….But I really think that is more a statement  about power and control there.  It’s about not giving the other person what they so obviously want. At least that is what  I am thinking looking back.

But here is the link to an article I found suggesting that it is possible to introduce this aspect of sexuality into the bedroom of an already established relationship from a female perspective.

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  1. A brilliant well-written article. Bringing up the topic of ABF / ANRs is always going to be difficult – there’s a lot of misunderstanding about it, and you can’t be sure how your partner or friend is going to react. They might be open-minded and willing to try; if you’re lucky, they could have previous experience and be eager to enjoy it again; or they might be sympathetic but uninterested, or worse even disgusted by it.

    In a loving relationship, if one of you feels that really need this in their life but the other does not, that difference between you could eventually lead to a break-up. On the other hand, if you’re not yet in a relationship and actively seeking a like-minded person, you don’t want to be misjudged or shamed by those who don’t understand your desire. So sites such as this really do help to ‘break the ice’ – you know you’re already in the company of people who share your needs and ambitions.

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